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Financial Overhaul Was Just the Beginning for This Leader in Print

Gina Patel, a Women in Wide Format Award winner, recently led the charge to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve decision-making.




Gina Patel
President & CFO

AP: Your nomination form states: “As Chief Financial Officer, she led the charge to overhaul bluemedia’s financial systems, which has resulted in several benefits. First, she created efficiencies by implementing new streamlined processes, optimizing resource allocation, and reducing costs. Second, she improved accuracy and transparency in financial reporting, which has enabled better decision-making and strategic planning. Ultimately, her leadership has provided stronger financial foundations and a competitive edge in the market.” What drives your motivation to enhance bluemedia as a company?

Gina: bluemedia has been in business for over a quarter century and achieved tremendous success based on the vision and hard work of its founders and team. It’s what attracted me to bluemedia – to be a part of a team that is as driven as I am to excel. And while we’ve accomplished so much to be proud of, what excites me most is the shared belief that we’re just scratching the surface. We have an incredibly strong foundation and with that, we are all motivated to reach even higher levels.”

In 2022, for the eight consecutive year, bluemedia was hired by the NFL to print and install graphics for Super Bowl LVI in LA at the SoFi Stadium and in locales across the city, including LAX, the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals team hotels and practice facilities, the Los Angeles Convention Center (home of the NFL Experience Center), and the SB LVI media center. If that wasn’t enough, the Tempe, Arizona-based team also handled the graphics for Super Bowl sponsors such as Anheuser-Busch and Marriott Hotels.

AP: It also states: “Gina has provided guidance, support and knowledge to less experienced employees, which has fostered personal and professional development, accelerated learning, built confidence, and cultivated a positive overall work culture that promotes growth, innovation and success.” Why is it important to mentor and educate those within your own business? How has it affected your career?

Gina: We’ve all benefitted from others who have helped us along the way. Whether it be from our family, friends, colleagues, or supervisors, we’ve been taught, inspired, and supported over the years by someone in our lives that has shaped who we are. I’ve certainly seen how those around me earlier in my career took the time and interest in my professional growth, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. So I look at mentoring as a way of paying it forward – giving of myself to others so that they can achieve their goals. I also believe this sense of caring for others within a company fosters loyalty and a positive work environment that strengthens the fabric of the workplace.

AP: What does being a woman in the wide-format digital print industry mean to you?

Gina: I take great pride in working for bluemedia and our place within the industry. It’s a company, and an industry, which has demonstrated that it values diversity, provides equal opportunities, encourages a supportive and inclusive culture, and promotes gender equality. That environment empowers everyone to thrive professionally and inspires me personally every day.




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