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Trendy Dog Goggles Wrapped for Safety and Style

Gravity Graphics runs with the big dogs to help create unique product.



Print Shop: Gravity Graphics (
Location: Victor, Idaho
Tools and Supplies: Clear Focus ClassicVue 50/50 Window Perf vinyl, Roland DG TrueVis VG2-640 printer, Graphtec FC8600 plotter

WITH THE VERSATILITY of vinyl, nearly every wide-format print shop has a worthy contender in the game of “You Wrapped What?!” From fidget spinners to airboats to utility boxes, it seems vinyl knows no bounds. But how many shops can say they’ve wrapped dog goggles?

Victor, Idaho-based Gravity Graphics received a unique request from Rex Specs to add personality and customization to their products; the company produces goggles designed to protect both working dogs’ and pets’ eyes from potential irritants. Customers receive goggles with two wraps and one extra lens to help their dog protect their eyes in style.

Gravity Graphics wasted no time in developing an efficient workflow to output 2000 cut-and-print goggle wraps in one business week, including multiple shapes and sizes for each design arranged in a way to minimize unused vinyl. With vision obstruction being a major factor to consider, the shop selected Clear Focus ClassicVue 50/50 Window Perf vinyl media to ensure graphics “popped” without affecting the view. Graphics were output on a Roland DG TrueVis VG2-640 printer and individual wraps were routed with the shop’s Graphtec FC8600 plotter.

“The wrap is both a novel idea and a simple one,” says Bryanna Willis, PR specialist, Gravity Graphics. “We were able to work with Rex Specs in producing a product that allows your canine family member to accompany you safely, comfortably, and fashionably in the mountains, on a lake, skiing, or on a road.”





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