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Vans Tap and Touch Display

Direct Edge Media creates an eye-catching display for Vans Shoes.




Print Shop || Location: Direct Edge Media  || ANAHEIM, CA
Tools and Supplies: Inca Onset X3 wide-format inkjet press, Seiko M-64s mild-solvent printer, Gilman Brothers Infinity Styrene Faced Foamboard, 3M IJ80 Controltac Graphic Film, Zünd D3 XL-3200 flatbed cutter, Seal 62 Pro-S laminator

Vans Shoes needed a way to let their in-store customers know about a new mobile website feature that allows users to create a custom shoe design without downloading an app. Direct Edge Media stepped up to the plate with a unique, free-standing display. Vans was looking for a design to attract attention with the use of lighting, lenticular printing, and multiple print layers, but Direct Edge had to keep in mind that these displays may not have an available power supply where they’re placed in the store. So, they had to get creative. “We were able to wire them to replaceable battery packs,” says Ryan Clark, president of Direct Edge. “Making the overall 3D look took some engineering and many prototypes to make it look right, as well as stand up correctly.”

Direct Edge was able to build upon traditional flat printing techniques with the addition of hand assembly and painting. They used both an Inca Onset X3 printer and a Seiko M-64 printer to produce the graphics on three different types of media. Additionally, they used a Zünd D3 XL-3200 to cut each piece to shape and a Seal Pro-S laminator to laminate the adhesive vinyl. Sounds simple right? Now try doing it nine more times. Direct Edge produced 10 of these displays and then packed and shipped them overnight to 10 flagship Vans stores. This Vans project can be summed up as “off the wall” for Direct Edge.



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