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GIC 2019 Look Beyond

A conference welcomes guests with a building wrap that mimics VR.




Artsoft Expo Solutions | RICHMOND, ONTARIO, CANADA

Print Shop || Location: Artsoft Expo Solutions || RICHMOND, ONTARIO, CANADA
Tools and Supplies: Roland XR-640 printers/cutter, Drytac Polar Premium PVC film with grey removable acrylic.

The annual Grocery Innovation Canada Exhibition and Conference, held at the Toronto Congress Centre, brings all facets of the Canadian grocery trade under one roof. Major chains and independent grocers come together for the two-day event to grow their businesses adn talk sho[. the event neede to make a great first impression on its attendees, so the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers called upon Artsoft Expo Solutions to wrap the building’s exterior with a stunning, first-person virtual reality design. By wrapping the outside of the building to appear as though viewers are peering into a ginat grocery through virtual reality goggles. Artsoft Expo Solutions set futuristic and forward-thinking tone at the conference.

The shop used its Rolad XR-640 printer/cutter to printer the graphics on Drytac Polar Premium PVC film. The challenge? The installation had to be completed when outside temperatures were between 10 and 30 degrees, so the team attacked the project in bursts throughout the day. “With the help of the production team, all prints in sequences were installed in an orderly fashion,” says Joe Chan, president of Artsoft Expo solutions. By battling the elements and approaching the project piece by piece. Arsoft Expop Solutions gave the conference goers an early glimpse into what the future of the grocery market may have in store before even stepping foot in the building.



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