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Jenoptik Expands It Eyelike Precision Series

Eyelike M22 and Capture basic software




Jenoptik Laser, Optik, Systeme GmbH is continuing to refine its Eyelike precision series of digital backs and has partnered with other firms to develop a digital view camera system. At PhotoPlus Expo in New York at the end of October, Jenoptik will demonstrate the view camera, as well as the Eyelike M22, a 22 Mpxl camera that expands upon the capabilities of the Eyelike's current top-of-the-line model, the M16. Both the M16 and M22 use Jenoptik's two-level active sensor-cooling to reduce noise and can be used with Eyelike's new simplified capture software.

The Eyelike M16 digital camera back combines Kodak's 16.6 Mpxl sensor for large file sizes with quick exposures and a suite of workflow tools. File sizes range from 48 MB (1-shot, 24-bit) to 381 MB (16-shot, 48-bit). In high-quality one-shot mode, users can capture a new frame every 2.5 seconds. An anti-moire feature in the one-shot mode helps minimize the need for retouching.

For still life exposures, the 4-shot mode captures complete color information with every pixel, eliminating interpolation that reduces contrast and causes moire in 1-shot mode. The 16-shot, or scan mode, allows the user to record and reproduce even the smallest of details.

Measuring 76 x 90 x 67 mm, the Eyelike precision is the smallest digital back with microscan technology and is suitable for use on location. The backs can be attached to almost every medium format camera, including Mamiya 645 AF and Contax 645. The Hasselblad adapter makes it suitable for use with any view camera and the Horseman Digiflex can be used for wide-angle shoots with the full range of Nikon lenses.

Capture Basic Software: Jenoptik's new Eyelike Capture basic software incorporates pre-set image parameters that streamline the process of obtaining high-quality images. When the camera back is connected, the software automatically starts in capture mode and is ready for image-taking. Exposures are saved sequentially to a gallery. When an exposure is complete, the user can begin to edit and save the images. Users of Eyelike Capture basic software can transfer images directly to connected Epson Gemini inkjet printers. Capture basic software users can also import images for processing.

Eyelike Capture basic software is compatible with and interchangeable with Eyelike's more robust Capture pro software. All Eyelike camera backs come with both version of the software. (Jenoptik Laser, Optik, Systeme GMBH:



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