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Arizona Print Pros Wrap an Entire Stadium for Luxury Car Promo

They had to arrange their installation work around a Beyoncé concert as well as Atlanta Falcons’ preseason games.



Bluemedia takes its NFL know-how to the next level with 134,628 square feet of ‘window’ wraps at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Bluemedia takes its NFL know-how to the next level with 134,628 square feet of ‘window’ wraps at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

PRINT SHOP: bluemedia |
LOCATION: Tempe, Arizona
TOOLS AND SUPPLIES: HP Latex 3000 printer, Qué Media QM-ECOWV 70/30 perforated window vinyl.

A 16-STORY INTRICATELY designed, flexible “Window to the City.” Tens of thousands of square feet of media. Sporadic blackout dates pausing installation.

With a decade of experience printing and installing graphics for the NFL – ranging from Super Bowl stadium wraps to branded takeovers of team hotels and practice facilities – Tempe, Arizona-based bluemedia knew its team had the expertise needed to wrap the iconic Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. After all, the PSP previously wrapped three of the stadium’s five window facades for Super Bowl LIII.

Although recommended by the stadium itself, bluemedia underwent a rigorous bidding process to prove they could handle the meticulous planning, extensive communication, and ingenious solutions required to accomplish a project never done before: wrapping all five stadium “windows” to showcase the new Mercedes-Benz electric car. The catch? Each roughly 27,000-square-foot “window,” including the prominent Window to the City with panoramic views of the Atlanta skyline, is crafted with alternating insulated metal and ETFE panels, leading to a surface that’s closer to a shower curtain than glass.

With graphics for each uniquely configured windowpane pretiled, bluemedia’s design, production, and installation teams collaborated with partners to identify a cost-effective method for installation minimizing bleed and waste. The shop output 134,628 square feet of Qué Media QM-ECOWV 70/30 perforated window vinyl using an HP Latex 3000 and began installation in late summer – working around major events at the stadium including a Beyoncé concert and the Atlanta Falcons’ preseason schedule. Adding to the complexity, installers had to swap their usual X-Acto knives for Zippy blades to avoid cutting through the flexible windows.

The stunning end result of giant graphics clearly visible both day and night is the reason bluemedia is the only PSP that has been granted permission to install on Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s windows.




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