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Amidst a global pandemic, PSPs pivot to help.




DURING TIMES OF turmoil, this country — and the businesses within it — unites as one. So often we are individualized; the current COVID-19 pandemic is a reminder we’re all in this together. I’ve always admired the community within the print industry, but it seems to be amplified during this crisis. I’m seeing PSPs connect and offer services to those in need every day.

Excelsus Solutions is printing and shipping COVID-19 safety signage for free. Admark Graphics is printing red circular floor adhesive stickers that are installed six feet apart with reminders for customers waiting in store lines to practice social distancing. Screen Printing readers are creating online stores for shops who do not have them. You’ll see Cushing’s digital print work for Rush University Medical Center simply stating #WashYourHands.

I emailed Big Picture’s Editorial Advisory Board to check in, hoping their businesses are staying afloat without layoffs or dramatic decreases in jobs. I stated: “The board was created for many reasons, one being a community for you to go to in times of need. Let’s help each other if we can.”

Responses flooded in. Olympus Group is making personal protective equipment. ER2 Image Group, Ink Monstr, and others responded with cut and sew teams in need of work. Pictographics is printing ventilator valves via additive manufacturing. Advice on how to handle the forced closure of your businesses spread. Image360 Central New Orleans is using this downtime as an opportunity to improve in-house processes and future marketing efforts. Spoonflower shared distancing and cleaning efforts for employees who are deemed essential and still have to go into work. Small business loan documents were uploaded.

You connected. You worked together. You helped each other. With each email, my anxiety for this industry and this country lessened. I witnessed how quickly we can become collaborators instead of competitors.

Things will eventually be different. Quarantine will no longer be our new normal. We’ll be opening our companies’ doors, hugging friends and family, and continuing on with our lives. But for now, support local businesses. Find ways your team’s skillsets can help the needs of the country. Create a one-, three-, and six-month plan for your shop. Partner with other PSPs to keep the print industry alive.


Stay healthy. Stay positive. Stay home.




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