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Oce Announces CS9200 Series, CS9160, Solvent Media

Also offering a roll media option for Arizona 250 GT flatbed.




Oce announced three new printers at ISA-two low-solvent and one eco-solvent machines-as well as a wide range of solvent-compatible media.

The new 65-in. Oce CS9265 and the 88-in. CS9290 are low-solvent inkjet printers. Equipped with VariaDot imaging technology (variable drop sizes for finer details and smoother gradients) and Wave Stitching Plus (images in waves to reduce banding), both printers offers four print modes with resolutions up to 720 dpi.

Top Speed print mode (360 x 360-dpi resolution) offers printing up to 862 sq ft/hr, while in Production mode, the Oce CS9290 can image up to 431 sq ft/hr at 360 x 360 dpi resolution. The 720 x 720-dpi High Quality mode delivers print speeds of up to 155 sq ft/hr.

Designed for point-of-purchase signage, vinyl and textile banners, vehicle graphics, exhibition displays, window graphics, and more, these printers utilize Oce IJ910 low-solvent inks (available in 220- or 440-ml cartridges), offering superior color gamut, improved drying, excellent lightfastness, and 3-yr outdoor durability without lamination, Oce reports. Additionally, the inks are scratch-, smear-, and crack-resistant, and lamination is only advised for heavy-duty applications where mechanical stress is involved, such as floor and vehicle graphics.

Both models are equipped with a winder/unwinder system, which makes for easy media loading and ensures a reliable media feed. Bulk media rolls up to 220 lbs. are supported on the winder/unwinder system. The Oce CS9200 Series is easy to maintain because the maintenance and capping station are easily accessible.

Oce offers an optional Air Purification System designed to actively filter the exhaust air from the printer, resulting in solvent levels that are comfortably within accepted workplace safety guidelines. Also available is an Infrared Dryer, which immediately dries the printed media without altering the color gamut; the print is dry before rolling onto the take-up reel. Onyx Workflow software is also optional.


Price: Oce CS9265, $39,995; Oce CS9290, $49,995.

Oce's newest eco-solvent printer is the 64-in. Oce CS9160. Successor to the company's entry-level CS9060 model, the 9160 is also designed for an entry-level print shop or for the shop that wants to dip its foot into outdoor printing. Oce reports the CS9160 and its eco-solvent inks are environmentally safe while still providing the outdoor benefits of solvent inks; shop owners can run the printer in an office or small print shop without the need for an air purification system.

The CS9160 features reliability, superior print quality for indoor and outdoor graphics, and increased productivity (up 15%), as well as VariaDot imaging and Wave Stitching. It offers print speeds up to 197 sq ft/hr in 720 x 720-dpi print mode and 22.6 sq ft/hr in Max Quality mode (1440 x 1440 dpi). Coated and uncoated media can be used to produce indoor and short- to mid-term outdoor applications for up to 3 yr without lamination. Applications include point-of-purchase displays, vehicle graphics, transit advertising, exhibit graphics, banners, museum graphics, wayfinding and window displays. Featuring 220- and 440-ml ink capacity, the system also offers an automated self-maintenance system.

Optional equipment include a take-up and tensioning system for handling rolls up to 66 lb or a bulk media winder/unwinder system for rolls up to 220 lb. Onyx Workflow software is also an option.

Price: Oce CS9160, $21,995.

Additionally, Oce has added a Roll Media option to its Arizona 250 GT flatbed. The Oce Roll Media Option gives customers the ability to print on flexible media (up to 86-in. wide) including vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, scrim banner, paper, film, and textiles without compromising the productivity of the rigid printing workflow, as well as the ability to exactly match print quality across a wide range of media for complex print campaigns. In the Arizona 250 GT, the rigid and the roll printing areas don't interfere with each other; while one is printing, the other can be handled without disrupting the printing process. The Oce Roll Media Option can be shipped with new orders ($131,995) or it can be added in the field ($21,500). All existing Oce Arizona 250 GT units can be upgraded without hardware modification in a half day or less, the company reports.


Oce also has upgraded many of its solvent specialty media. The new products, generally available in 36-, 54-, and 60-in. rolls include:

* The 7-mil Premium Photo Satin Paper (PhotoSat) has a bright white coating and smooth surface to produce photo-quality images with improved color gradient and image uniformity.

* The 190-gsm Economy Gloss Paper (PhotoEco) features a treated gloss surface and is designed for signage and display applications where high performance is essential.

* Quick Dry Matte Backlit Film (QDBLF) is a 6-mil polyester-based film that dries fast while still providing the maximum image density required for backlit applications.

* Universal Banner Fabric (UBF6) is a 6-mil polyester banner fabric media for soft-signage applications where heavy ink loads are required, such as event signage, tradeshow graphics, and decorative applications.

And, the company has debuted new scrim products, which are non-fraying, include a uniform weave, and are generally available in 38-, 54- and 63-in. rolls:


* The 10-oz Scrim Banner Gloss (Scrim10G) and Matte (Scrim10M) feature smooth printing surfaces for use for a wide variety of display graphics applications.

* Scrim Banner 13 oz. Gloss (Scrim13G) and Matte (Scrim13M) are designed with greater tear strength and improved “lay-flat” features, as well as a fine weave of the scrim which creates a smooth, printable surface.

* These 13-oz Block Out Scrim Banner Gloss (ScrimBOG) and Matte (ScrimBOM), with smooth surfaces, include a 100% opaque light-blocking layer to prevent image washout in harsh backlighting conditions.

* Double-Sided Printable Scrim (Scrim2XM) is 13-oz matte-finished product with a 100% opaque light-blocking layer and a smooth surface on both sides for double-sided printing.

* Suitable for mounting onto rigid boards, PSA Vinyl Gloss (Calvin6G) and Matte (Calvin6M) are pressure-sensitive calendared vinyls with a permanent adhesive and a kraft release liner.




Printvinyl Scored Print Media

New Printvinyl Scored wide-format print media features an easy-to-remove scored liner for creating decals, product stickers, packaging labels, and more. The precision-scored liner, with a 1.25” spacing on a 60” roll, guarantees a seamless and hassle-free removal process.

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