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Mutoh America Reduces Prices on Toucans

And publishes visual guide to its expanded product line




At the ISA Show in April, Muoth America rolled out two new Falcon II Outdoor Commercial printers that use eco-solvent inks and a 64-in., six-color version of the Toucan, which uses solvent-based inks. To help new buyers better visualize the full range of printer options now available from Mutoh America, the company has published a new Customer/Applications-Focused Solutions diagram. As a follow-up, Mutoh America announced price reductions on their Toucan line family of printers and 50-in. Falcon II indoor printers.

New Models: The Falcon II Outdoor printers were developed to meet the needs of graphics producers outputting moderate volumes of outdoor, commercial-grade prints. For example, with a throughput speed of up to 200 sq ft/hr, the Falcon II Outdoor printers can meet production runs of up to 128 36 x 48-in. posters during an 8-hour shift.

Product Line Diagram: The visual guide to Mutoh's product line divides Mutoh printers into five categories depending on the graphics-producer's requirements for print resolution, throughput speeds and durability. Mutoh's two lines of indoor printers (the Falcon II and Falcon Plus) can output from 24 to 192 36 x 48-in. prints per day, with print modes that include a fast 360 dpi, a production-speed 720 dpi, and a photo-quality 1440 dpi. Mutoh's three lines of outdoor printers (the Toucan, Falcon Outdoor, and new Falcon II Outdoor) can output from 24 to 264 36 x 48-in. prints per day with inks that provide outdoor durability of either 3 or 5 years. The diagram, which is featured on Mutoh's web-site, helps customers determine which printer model best meets their requirements. The five categories are:

Industrial Outdoor: Includes the 87-in. six-color Toucan, and 64-in. Toucan which is now available in either a four- or six-color version. The Toucan uses solvent-based inks to image to lower-cost, uncoated media. With print resolutions up to 720-dpi and print speeds of up to 800 sq. ft/hr, the Toucan is built to generate high volumes of outdoor-durable prints that are water- and UV-resistant for up to five years. The new 6-color, 64-in. model will sell for $74,995. The 87-in. model, 6-color model that formerly listed for $149,995 has been reduced in price to $129,995. The price of the 64-in, 4-color model has been reduced from $69,995 to $59,995.

Commercial Outdoor: Includes the new Falcon II Outdoor, a high-resolution, variable-dot printer available in 64 and 87 in. models. The Falcon II Outdoor uses four- or six colors of eco-solvent ink or the newly developed Eco-Plus solvent inks to produce prints that are water- and UV-resistant for up to three years. The Falcon II Outdoor offers print speeds of up to 300-sq. ft/hr and a maximum print resolution of 1440 dpi.

Variable-dot imaging adjusts the size of the ink droplets in its nozzles to multiple dot sizes for finer detail, smoother gradients, and solid, crisp colors that are close to true continuous-tone imaging. Lamination is recommended to protect images from abrasion and/or graffiti. Pricing for the Falcon II Outdoor series starts at $29,995.


Retail Outdoor: Includes the 46 and 62-in. Falcon Outdoor high-resolution printers that use printers use four or six-colors of eco-solvent inks to output graphics that are water- and UV-resistant for up to three years. The Falcon Outdoor offers print speeds of up to 156-sq. ft/hr and maximum print resolution of 1440 dpi. Pricing start at $14,995:

Commercial Indoor: Includes the Falcon II, a speedy, high-resolution, variable-dot printer in 50-, 64-, and 87-in. wide models. It uses aqueous dye or pigmented inks and offers a maximum throughput speed of 430-sq. ft/hr and maximum print resolution of 2880 dpi. Following a price reduction on the 50-in. model, pricing for this series of printers starts at $19,995.

Retail Indoor: Includes the Falcon Plus, an easy-to-use, affordable printer for low-volume print requirements. Available in 42 and 62-in. models, the Falcon Plus uses aqueous dye or pigmented inks and offers a maximum print speed of up to 156 sq. f/hr and maximum print resolution of 1440 dpi. Pricing starts at $7,459.



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