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Heidelberg's Supercolor is a PDF Printing Superhero

Saves time and hassles in optimizing output for different media




Graphics professionals who need to process PDF documents with absolute color fidelity will be interested in Supercolor, a new Acrobat plug-in from Heidelberg. Suitable for use on Macs and PCs, the software analyzes the colors and color spaces of PDF documents in order to generate optimal output on different media.

Supercolor can eliminate printing problems that can occur when submitted PDFs have been created with elements from a variety of color spaces. Supercolor shows all colors and color spaces used in the PDF and enables them to be processed individually.

Graphics and images can be transferred to the required output color space in accordance with a selected rendering intent, and special colors can be renamed, combined, deleted or converted to process colors.

Supercolor also features different settings for overprinting and knockouts as well as individualized handling of gray values. Printing firms that receive a high number of Microsoft Office files will be interested in Supercolor's automatic color-changing function. For example, CMYK will automatically change a specified RGB color into its CMYK equivalent or a spot color.

According to Heidelberg, image- or graphic-heavy documents can be quickly checked and either the entire document or individual pages can be edited.

Supercolor can be used independently in a manual workflow or used as an add-on module for post-editing in automated workflows such as the Prinect Printready System. (Heidelberg:




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