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A print provider's job isn't done when the graphic comes off the printer. To be competitive (and profitable) today, companies need to offer
a range of finishing services to their customers”?services that provide one-stop shopping for your customers and are profit centers for
your company. Besides the laminators themselves (see p. 60), finishing departments require a variety of other equipment and tools”?
from large-format cutter/trimmers and seamers, to routers, welders, and more. Below is a listing of some of the companies that manufacture
or are exclusive distributors of finishing equipment for wide-format applications.

Advanced Greig Laminators

Offers AGL Auto Trim II and III cutters in sizes
from 28 to 64 in. wide. The Auto Trim features
a self-sharpening rotary blade as well
as sealed-edge trim and bleed trim with
unlimited margins, and it automatically
adjusts speed to follow the laminator. Auto
Trim III also offers custom photo optics
capable of penetrating opaque materials.


Produces router/engravers.

Akiles Products

Its 36-in. Roll@Blade 3615 Roto Trimmer
will cut media up to 2 mm thick.

Allen Datagraph Systems

The Allen DFS (digital finishing
system) laminates, digitally
die cuts, weeds, slits, and rerolls
labels or decals up to 16
in. wide and 250 ft long. Also
produces the i-Cutter with
SmartMark, which automatically
scans printed registration
marks and launches a
contour-cut process, accurately adjusting
for scale and skew, with cutters from 24 to
60 in.

Art Deckle

Makes several deckle and embossing tools
for adding an artistic edge to fine-art prints.


AXYZ Automation

Manufactures CNC (computer numerically
controlled) routers, useful in finishing
graphics printed or mounted on rigid media,
including thick and dense materials like
wood or metal. The 4000 table series handles
materials up to 4 x 8 ft; other routers
have working areas up to 10 ft wide.


Offers a variety of Azon precision vinyl cutters
with widths from 25 to 49 in.

BBC Industries

Manufactures the large-format Black Body
portable infrared dryer, available in several
sizes for image widths up to 90 in.

Beam Dynamics

Offers the laser-powered Lumen Digital
Cutting Center, with a 48 x 48 or 48 x 96-in.
cutting bed.


Spain-based manufacturer that sells the
SuperCutter 320, a 126-in. machine for cutting,
trimming, and scoring heavy boards
(up to 30 mm thick), including Kapa Block,
foamboard, polystyrene, foamed PVC,
acrylic, or glass. It uses a laser blade,
which produces no dust or fumes.


Sells the CodaTrim 60-in. Precision Trimmer,
rotary cutters up to 54 in. wide, CodaRack
Floor Roll Holder (for 3 or 2-in. core paper or
laminate media), cutting mats, and a cleaning



This French company makes the ColorLock
finishing system, which uses FIRST vinyl
matched with compatible printers and a
First Polymeric IR curing unit to provide
scratch-, water-, chemical-, abrasion-, and
graffiti-resistance without lamination.
Main distributor is Sign Warehouse.

Computerized Cutters

Offers the Accu-Cut CNC router with a 4 x 8-ft table.


Its DigiCutter is a large-format media trimmer.
Also offers custom-designed sheeters,
stackers, slitters, rewinders, and embossers.

Continental Milano Imaging Products

ProTect is an alcohol-based lamination spray
that renders inkjet prints highly water- and-scratch-
resistant, and also increases the
lightfastness of a print up to five times, says
the company. A 400-ml can covers up to 70
sq ft, depending on application.

Craftsman Cutter

Offers air-operated Straight-Line Cutters in
custom sizes.

D&K International

Offers laminator loaders and separators.



Produces a wide range of large-format cutters,
available as both rolling trimmers and
guillotines, up to 51 in. wide.


Offers five models of Ding vinyl cutters,
which cut materials as wide as 50 in. and
at speeds up to 14 in./sec.


Makes the Hot Press Heated Glass Top Vacuum
Press for mounting graphics as large
as 59 x 103 in., as well as the PlaqDecor
system, which converts prints to plaques
by mounting, laminating, and beveling the
finished graphic (with the DES-1 automated
edge-finishing system)..

In addition, it offers: the StraightLazer,
which automatically projects a “level” registration
light across onto any surface to
quickly position prints using horizontal or
vertical references; the Drytac Mule storage
cart for holding rolled media; the Gator
Scraper, a cleaning tool for loosening and
removing embedded particles often found
on foamboards; Dust Removal System (DRS)
Roller, to remove dust and dirt from prints;
cutting mats; Eraser Block, for removing
adhesive residue from laminator rollers; and
Squeegee Roller, a hand-held roller used to
expel air trapped on the surface or around
the pre-laminated edges of prints.

Dual Edge Ripper

Makers of the Dual Edge Ripper for adding a
deckle edging to fine-art prints.

EdgeWISE Tools

Manufacturer of industrial laser cutting/
marking systems for rolled and flat materials
that can cut, kiss cut, or score a range of
media from paper to plastic to plywood. Its
continuous-feed cutting system uses lasers
to cut a variety of rolled, non-metal materials
up to 60 in. wide and up to 0.5 in. thick.


Produces the Kongsberg XL for large-format
creasing, cutting, and plotting,
especially for the packaging market. The
Kongsberg DCM Series of digital die-cutters
(designed for low-volume runs of in-store
displays, dimensional promotions, and
packaging and prototyping applications)
features an automatic load and unload
mechanism and accommodates a family of
quick-change creasing, cutting, crushing,
and special-purpose knife tool inserts.


Manufactures a variety of cutting equipment,
including the wall-mounted Fletcher
3100 Multi-material cutter, which cuts
materials (such as PVC, aluminum, hardboard,
and glass) up to 63 in. long and 0.4
in. thick. The PC series (40, 60, or 120 in.
long) comprises lightweight cutters for
substrates (vinyl to foamboard) up to 0.5 in.
thick. The PCT 40 is a 40-in. cutter designed
for use with laminated foamboard; it will
cut media up to 0.25 in. thick. Also offers the
Fletcher Edge in 24 or 42-in. lengths.


Manufactures CNC large-format cutting
solutions, routers, and engravers as large
as 166 x 80 in. The LX machine is a basic
model, available in either 41 x 41 in. or 49 x
49-in. versions. The Pro, Stealth, Cobra, and
Values routers range from 61 x 62 to 166 x
80-in. working areas.


Produces longitudinal, stationary, and
suspended high-frequency machines for
welding PVC and PU materials.

Fotoba USA

Offers Digitrim Digital Print Cutters (36 and
62 in.), which can sense cut marks printed
between digital images, and the X/Y
Autodigitrim for 32-in. rolls of images. Also
offers Rollcut 61 and 72-in. cutters, which
have the ability to cut on both X and Y axes
at a speed of up to 10 m/min on various
media up to 0.5 mm thick.


Offers several ProTrim cutters (40 and 60
in.), electric horizontal and vertical cutters;
also offers a PCR Roller, a 12-in. wide roller
used to clean dust particles from images
prior to lamination.

Gerber Scientific Products

Manufactures Gerber Sabre routers, which
include a cutting area of up to 53.5 x 101
in. with a maximum media depth of 4.4 in.


Features Hyatts Dual-Drive Routers with
working areas up to 50 x 100 in. and cutting
speeds up to 700 in./min.

ICD International

Produces equipment to make lenticular
displays, including a pivoting vacuum light
table and a machine to align, laminate, and
die cut digitally produced lenticular images


Makers of the Jacquard SteamJet I and II
short-run fabric production steamer, and
the Vertical Steamer.

JTE Machine Systems

Makes customized RF (radio frequency)
stationary or traveling seaming machines.


Manufactures a wide variety of large-format
cutters, including Excalibur, Javelin,
Practik, Technic, and Sabre. Also offers the
Big Bench, a table that can hold several
large-format cutters.

Komo Machine

Produces several series of CNC routers,
including the Mach One S series, which
offers a working area of up to 60 x 144 in.


Makes spray-on Krylon Preserve It! spray
laminate for digital photos and fine-art prints.


Manufactures LaserPro laser engravers,
including the Neptune large-format engraver.

LEDCO/Graphic Laminating

A division of Graphic Laminating, its products
include automatic sheet feeders, a
high-speed Finish Line Cutter to be used
with Ledco laminator systems, and a Roller
Cleaning Kit.

Magnetic Specialty

Produces ProMAG and PowerMAG magnetic
sheet for mounting graphics.

Mikkelsen Graphic Engineering (MGE)

Developed the i-cut system, an automated
digital die-cutting sheet and roll-feed system.
Its cutters and feeders come in 12
sizes”?ranging from the 31 x 31-in. for cutting
smaller OEM decals and overlays, to 86
x 118 in. for cutting large P-O-P graphics and
outdoor signage. Materials from thin paper
to 1-in. corrugated cardboard can be
processed. Available with 11 tool options for
creasing, scoring, routing, engraving, and
laser cutting. Also offers i-cut sheet feeder.

Miller Weldmaster

Manufacturers of hot-air rotary welding
and hot-wedge welding machines for the
bonding, sealing, and fusing of thermoplastic
and industrial fabrics.


Produces CNC routers, including the MT Pro
series that can accommodate media up to
60 x 156 in.

Neolt USA/Digital ES

Neolt USA makes a large variety of manual
and electric cutters and foam trimmers for
both rigid and flexible media from 30 to 205
in. Its Power Trim Plus has a cutting width up
to 142 in. and cuts materials up to 0.09 in.
thick. Distributed by Digital ES.


Features a variety of cutting systems up to
40 in. wide, which will cut paper, card
stock, cardboard, foils, and more.

ProEdge Systems

Makers of ProEDGE edging systems for the
installation of a narrow edging around
wide-format graphics, which can hide a
miscut or corner/edge damage.

Repro Technology

Sells the StarTrim rotary 62-in. trimmer,
which cuts a variety of inkjet media. Also
sells the StarCart 12-Roll Stock Cart.

Roland DGA

Offers several large-format CX and SX cutters
for media up to 50 in. Its EGX-600 is a
benchtop computerized engraver that can
accommodate materials up to 24 x 16 in.
and 40 mm thick (1 9/16 in.).

Rollem International

Offers a variety of scoring and perforating
machinery. Its Champion 990 ETR System is
available in 24 and 30-in. models, and can
score, perforate, and slit; it's designed to be
used with up to 20-pt board and coated

Rosenthal Manufacturing

Manufactures customized sheeting machinery
from 30 to 60 in. wide and up to 25 mil thick.


Cut flexible or roll materials with this company's
Eurocut (for materials up to 26 in.
wide and 2 mm thick), Professional (for
materials up to 54 in. wide and 3 mm thick),
or Technical/Powertech (for materials up to
99 in. wide and 4 mm thick) models. The
Technical or Powertech are best suited for
high-volume use, especially with thick
boards. The wall-mounted Sawmaster (for
materials up to 49 in. wide and 10 mm
thick) is best for cutting rigid sheet materials
up to 10 mm thickness. The company
will soon release its new Autosheeter, a 61-in.,
high-speed automatic sheeter for rollable
substrates up to 2.5 mm thick.

Seal Graphics Americas

Produces a variety of Seal cutters such as
its MultiCut Wall Mount System (with a vertical
cutting up to 60 in. and up to 0.5 in.
thick), EasyCut (40 and 60-in. width, 0.5 in.
thickness), and AccuCut Table Mount System
(60 to 100 in. wide, up to
3/8 in. thick).

Sinclair Equipment

Manufactures the Triad Thermal Wedge
Welding system, which can weld PVC, PE,
PP, urethane, and many other flexible membranes.
It welds 12 to 14-oz material at
approximately 20 ft/min.


Features Rhino 180 Fat Mat cutting mats
(up to 6 x 12 ft).


Manufactures grommet presses, including
its Model 405 Bench Press and Model 479,
as well as grommets.

Summa USA

Makes several vinyl cutters that will accommodate
a variety of roll and sheet materials
from 24 to 63 in. wide and up to 0.04 in.
thick. They cut at speeds up to 56 in./sec.


Offers four series of large-format Techno CNC
routers (that range up to 59 x 144 in.) as well
as laser cutters that cut media up to 50 x 96 in.

Trim USA

Features Perimeter Trim System, a decorative
edge-protection system for mounted graphics;
it works with a variety of substrates.


Produces the UltraSeamer, an RF welding
machine for seaming together flexible
materials, and can be used for overlap or
butt seams. UltraRolls Roller laminating
tables are for easy application of self-adhesive
films or overlaminates to substrates
up to 2.25 in. thick.

Vision Computerized
Engraving Systems

Makes Vision CNC routers with working areas
up to 24 x 48 in. and Large-Field Laser cutters
to handle applications up to 5.5 x 12 ft.


Manufactures CNC routers, laser cutter, and
engraving systems. Routers in its Rebel
series cut up to 100 x 150 in. Newest products
include EX laser cutter (with cutting
area of up to 36 x 51 in.), and G/X laser cutting
system (up to 51 x 51-in. cutting area).

Western Graphtec

The new FC3600 heavy-duty cutter is able
to cut rigid and thick materials as fast as
23.6 in./sec. It can cut a wide variety of
substrates such as corrugated cardboard,
paper, film, vinyl, leather, plastics, polycarbonates,
and styrene up to 1.2 in. thick.



Printvinyl Scored Print Media

New Printvinyl Scored wide-format print media features an easy-to-remove scored liner for creating decals, product stickers, packaging labels, and more. The precision-scored liner, with a 1.25” spacing on a 60” roll, guarantees a seamless and hassle-free removal process.

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