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Caldera Graphics Announces RIPs for Mac OS X

Includes advanced tools for image manipulation and processing




At Apple Expo 2003 in Paris, Caldera Graphics introduced native Mac OS X versions of its suite of color-graphics print-management software. The software is expected to ship in Q3.

Based in Strasbourg, France, Caldera Graphics has specialized in developing graphics-imaging software for Unix and Linux platforms.

According to Joseph Mergui, general manager of Caldera Graphics, “Every feature of Caldera Graphics solutions will be included in the Mac OS X versions, including the intuitive interface with drag-and-drop technology, the embedded color-management system, and advanced tools for image manipulation and processing.”

Caldera's CopyShop ($2995) is a desktop scan-to-print or file-to-print system for use with large-format printers. With an architecture well-suited for processing very large files, the software address the productivity constraints of photo labs, architects, and graphic communications firms.

VisualRIP ($2750) is a client/server package for printing large-format color graphics. The software is a multi-task, multi-peripheral program for handling and processing data from a variety of platforms and graphic applications. VisualRIP includes a PostScript/PDF and Tiff-IT RIP as standard. VisualRIP+ includes tiling and nesting features and can read, preview, and edit spot colors embedded in EPS files. A GrandrRIP version includes drivers for superwide printers from VUTEk, NUR, Scitex, Gandinnovations, and Luescher.

To complement its RIP software, Caldera also offers the Collection image server ($4350) that can be used to organize, management and distribute raster, PS, PDF, and HP-GL files. Images contained in The Collection can be viewed from a standard web browser with Caldera's web-viewer module.

Caldera Graphics also offers a PDF Server ($1450) that makes it possible to create a single PDF file from several types of files.


On-Demand Poster Printing at the Louvre: Prior to the Apple Expo show in Paris in mid-September, Caldera Graphics presented the capabilities of its software at the Louvre. In partnership with an engineering and reprographics conference, Caldera Graphics demonstrated to museum visitors that reasonably priced reproductions of their favorite works of art could be generated as posters on the HP DesignJet 5500. (Caldera Graphics:



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