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We’ve Updated Big Picture to Better Serve You

Redesign inspired by readers’ feedback.




SURPRISE! WELCOME TO the Big Picture redesign. What better moment to shake things up than during a global pandemic? Plus, our last redesign was in October 2014. That was forever ago – so many things were different back then. The Ebola virus was spreading across the globe – ok so maybe not so different – but six years is a long stretch. It’s time to refresh, rethink, and repurpose our content to help you grow personally and professionally; build your business; buy the best products; and create the most spectacular and profitable wide-format digital print projects.

In our last redesign, we took a cue from “The Social Network” and removed the “The” from our name. (“Drop the ‘The.’ It’s cleaner.”) Wide Angle officially received the two-page spread it deserves (you’ll see this staple is staying); we got rid of sourcelists (the bane of my existence as an associate editor; Alex, be thankful!); and the black and white globe that sat at the top of Explorer was removed so actual pictures of projects from around the world could be highlighted (we’re saying goodbye to this department, but I promise you’re going to love what’s in its place – see page 44).

This time around, we’re not only changing the design in a major way, we’re also really focusing on you, the wide-format PSP. We know you’re busy designing, printing, and installing graphics, so we’re keeping it short and to the point. We’re here to help you continue doing what you love, bring you the latest from this growing industry, and hopefully have some fun along the way.

What we anticipate you’ll like the most is reading tips and tricks from your print peers. We’re sharing information straight from the shop floor through our monthly Brain Squad surveys. Join us at and you’ll most likely see your insight in an upcoming issue. You’ll find these expert responses in sections like Manager’s to Do (page 6), Big Business (page 38), and even in R+D (page 11).

This redesign couldn’t have happened without our strong team of designers, advisors, and editorial staff, but who we really have to thank is you. You answered our reader surveys, you talked to me on the phone, you commented on social media. You let us know what you want. Thank you. We hope we deliver.


Smart Tips From This Issue

  1. Rigid media is having its moment. Don’t miss out on the creative applications one can print on hard substrates. (R+D, page 12)
  2. It’s what you’ve been waiting for! The 2021 Best of Wide Format Awards. Which project will be your favorite? (Big Story, page 18)
  3. Wrapping a food truck can be pricey. But the traveling advertisement for your shop is worth the cost. (Big Business, page 39)
  4. From dirt to shirt: Asher Sinclaire is bringing the eco-textile and digital printing communities together. (Big Business, page 36)



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