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Use your printing expertise to ease the COVID challenges surrounding weddings and other events.




LIKE MANY TRIPS, activities, and events this year, COVID-19 had other plans for our wedding. In July, my fiancé and I made the very difficult decision to postpone our marriage from this year to next. Instead of happily planning a celebration of love, we were filled with stress and anxiety as we considered what was best for us and our guests. Luckily, our venue was very cooperative and understanding as we moved our date to 2021.

Unfortunately, I know other brides and grooms who have had no choice but to keep their 2020 plans due to event spaces that just won’t budge, even as cases grow and safety becomes an even stronger concern. When Ryan and I were still considering “saving the date,” I crafted a plan for a COVID Wedding. Temperature readings upon entry, hand sanitizers on every socially distanced table, personalized masks as favors, etc. The fun slowly began to drain from the party and the focus became the virus.

The couples who are going through with their nuptials this year (by their own accord or not) will have to find ways to make their big day as safe, and joyous, as possible. This is where you come in. What can you provide to help guests feel comfortable, but not lose the excitement of the celebration? Consider these COVID-specific services:

  • Face masks. Create custom masks for the bride, groom, and bridal party. Plus, print masks for the guests, servers, and bartenders that match the wedding color palette so pictures are more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Social distancing barriers. Use SEG frames and free-standing displays that complement the space to help separate tables during cocktail hour and dinner.
  • Floor graphics. Print colored decals marking where people can safely dance or order drinks.
  • Cutouts of family and friends who can’t attend. Sports teams are finding success with this while fans have to watch the games at home. Offer this fun element for the ceremony, or even better, the late-night dance floor.

Ceremony and reception preparation is pretty draining on a good day. Planning these in the middle of a pandemic adds even more tension for the couple, the coordinator, and the site. Help make the walk down the aisle for your clients a piece of (wedding) cake while simultaneously creating a brand-new revenue stream for your business.



Adrienne Palmer joined Big Picture magazine in 2012 after graduating from Ohio University’s Scripps School of Journalism with a BA in magazine journalism. During her time with Big Picture, she has held the roles of assistant editor, associate editor, and managing editor, and is now serving as editor-in-chief. If she isn’t traveling, she’s planning her next trip.



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