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The Competitive Wrap Installer: Kristin Lanzarone

Why Networking is the Nexus of a Successful Vehicle Wrapping Career

Who you meet at conferences, competitions, and training events can be just as important as what you learn.




CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? We’ve arrived at the finale of this year’s competitive wrap installer series! In this ultimate installment, we delve into the very essence of success in our industry: networking.

As wrap installers, we wear many hats, from business owner to employee to salesperson. Whatever your role, networking is a golden key that unlocks doors of opportunity. It opens pathways to joining prestigious organizations, engaging with vibrant social groups, participating in thrilling competitions, and even gracing the pages of influential media sources. But what’s even more magical is how the people we meet along the way become our bridges to brands, distributors, and fellow skilled installers.

My own journey exemplifies the power of networking. Forging connections with industry enthusiasts at trade shows and summits led me to become a trainer and a participant in specialized industry testing. When I first dreamt of a training facility six years ago, recognition was a distant dream. The hard-earned creditability I’ve built since then came from five years of relentless networking, including volunteering on committees and boards.

I vividly recall my first training session in 2017, where I approached Ritchie Daize from Arlon and asked, “How can I get involved?” His guidance led me to the PDAA Installers committee under the auspices of SGIA (now Printing United). My proactive approach earned me a spot in the newly launched Women in Print Alliance. These two committees opened doors to panel discussions, speaking engagements at Printing United Expos, becoming an official PDAA trainer, and aiding in the development of PDAA’s training curriculums. Before I knew it, I had become a prominent voice in the industry, attracting attention and solidifying my credibility.

Social media is also a formidable networking tool. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram facilitate connections with fellow installers and industry legends. These are spaces not just for mutual support, but also for seeking assistance on challenging projects or materials. The Wrap Society, Vinyl Wrap Leads, Sign Shop Talk, WrapLink, and WOW – Women of Wraps are vibrant Facebook groups where we exchange tips and advice and showcase our incredible installs. LinkedIn, on the other hand, connects us to the professional side of the industry, including brands, sales professionals, reps, distributors, and manufacturers. I’ve succeeded on LinkedIn by sharing industry-related content ranging from training sessions I’ve attended to trade show highlights.

Other valuable networks include MOB – Masters of Branding, Paint is Dead, WrapIQ, Wrapper Mapper, PDAA Installers, and UASG. Some require recommendations, while others involve rigorous testing, but each offers a unique opportunity to grow and connect.

Training programs and competitions provide opportunities to test your skills and learn about material characteristics. Surrounding yourself with like-minded installers eager to improve can be invigorating. Trainers hold the secrets to mastering techniques – forge bonds with them. Competitions are the ultimate proving grounds. They reveal your standing among industry peers and ignite your competitive spirit. The camaraderie among competitive installers is a fantastic networking asset in this vast yet tightly knit community.

In summary, networking is the lifeblood of our industry. It’s the magical thread that weaves together the tapestry of innovation and creativity. Dive into the industry with unbridled enthusiasm, get involved in every opportunity, and be an active participant in this ever-evolving story. Remember, your network is not just your net worth; it’s your compass, guiding you through the exciting, winding paths of this dynamic world. Embrace the power of networking, and watch your journey as a competitive wrap installer soar to unimaginable heights!



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