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4 Wall Graphic Projects That Made Big Branding Improvements

Wall graphics can change the atmosphere of a space almost instantly, transforming a bland room into a welcoming, exciting environment.




WALL GRAPHICS CAN change the atmosphere of a space almost instantly. Whether it’s the exterior of a corporate building, the inside of an office, or an entire brick-and-mortar retail space, the right graphic(s) can transform a bland room into a welcoming, exciting environment. Make sure your clients know this print addition may be just what they need to take their brand to the next level.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Van Dam Boats in Boyne City, Michigan, has a long-standing tradition of building high-end boats, as well as a lofty reputation to uphold. They came to CorpColor with a hero image they wanted to feature in their front office to wow prospective customers. CorpColor took the beautiful wooden boat image, optimized the art, and printed it with their HP Latex 365 printer onto Dreamscape Terralon wallpaper. Van Dam Boats is incredibly happy with the installation, and is excited to show new customers their office.

Tip: Listen to your clients. Van Dam Boats wanted a graphic to tell their story to customers, as well as share the experience of cruising in a custom, handcrafted wooden boat. CorpColor delivered.

Lamin-8 Services
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

The local Jimmy Guaco’s Mexican Restaurant reached out to Lamin-8 Services in hopes of installing some colorful wall graphics that would effectively present the vibrant colors of their food. Using their Epson SureColor S80670 printer, Lamin-8 printed onto Drytac Retac Smooth 75 polymeric PVC film to achieve Jimmy Guaco’s goal of enticing passerby to stop in for a bite to eat.

Tip: Michael Isaacs, president of Lamin-8 Services, has maintained a great relationship with his local Drytac sales manager over the years. As a result, he’s able to get the products he needs at a near moment’s notice.

Warwick Printing
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

South Country Co-op Liquor in Redcliff, Alberta, Canada, called upon Warwick Printing to design, print, and install 48 individual wall panels to encompass their liquor store and spell out “Cheers Redcliff” to their customers. “The main challenge was figuring out how to reach the 17-foot-tall install with racks up against every wall without having to empty the whole store out,” says Lee Weighill, owner, Warwick Printing. “It was a good day’s work and not one bottle was knocked to the floor!” To complete the installation, Warwick printed the graphics using an HP Latex 360 printer onto Drytac Retac Smooth 150 polymeric PVC film.

Tip: If you’re ever in a retail installation situation where you can’t use a boom lift or ladder, consider using painters’ scaffolding like Warwick did for this project. They had to stack two units on top of each other to reach the desired height on the wall, but they made it happen without having to empty the liquor out of the store.

Loris Printing
Sandusky, Ohio

Loris Printing has been assisting Tuffman Equipment and Supply, a construction and residential equipment company, with its marketing and branding efforts for the last few years. Recently, Tuffman came up with a new marketing design, and they needed Loris Printing’s expertise to update the exterior of their building. Using a ValueJet 1624X large-format printer from Mutoh America, Loris printed the new logo onto Mactac Imagin Roughrap wall wrapping film and laminated it using Mactac Permacolor Rayzor clear matte overlaminate. The graphic, printed onto four panels, totals 10 by 8.5 feet wide.

Tip: Mactac’s Roughrap was designed to install on tough services, like the brick exterior of Tuffman Equipment and Supply’s building. Utilizing the right media can really decrease the stress involved with an installation.



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