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Solving the Optical Brightener Challenge

X-Rite introduces solution.




X-Rite has announced a complete Optical Brightener Correction Solution (OBC), designed for use in conjunction with X-Rite’s i1iSis family of automatic spectral chart readers, and ProfileMaker or MonacoProfiler profiling software. The OBC solution allows users to compensate for color shifts in custom ICC output profiles caused by optical brightening agents (OBAs) in papers and other printing substrates. OBAs are increasingly used by paper mills and premium inkjet paper manufacturers to make a yellowish paper appear whiter and brighter, X-Rite reports.

X-Rite’s Optical Brightener Correction solution will be included with every i1iSis device. The new bundle includes the new OBC module, i1iSis or i1iSis XL (incl. UV LED), and the choice of ProfileMaker5, Publish, or MonacoProfiler Gold profiling software. OBC upgrade kits are available for existing i1iSis and ProfileMaker5 users.

In addition, X-Rite has released a next generation of the Color Exchange Format (CxF). A file format designed to accurately communicate all commercially relevant aspects of color across devices, applications, and geographies, the new CxF is applicable to various industries including print, design, manufacturing, architecture, fashion, and film and video.

CxF acts as a universal container for transporting complete color information from concept to final production, carrying the entire set of color-reference data supplied by the content creator throughout the production and supply chain. CxF can include spectral color values, named colors, color spaces and appearance effects (specific lighting conditions, type of substrate, type of ink, density, opacity, transparency of the color, gloss, texture, position, and shape of color patches), as well as commercial aspects, optical conditions, etc. It can integrate data from other color-communication methods, including ICC color profiles, CIE-Lab, XYZ, RGB, CMYK, Pantone, and more. X-Rite is working with industry partners and will make a set of base tools around CxF freely available; end users also will be able to extend and customize the format to allow inclusion of specialized information.

In addition:

* It has announced the Pantone GoeGuide and Pantone GoeSticks on uncoated stock, which allow designers to accurately visualize how Pantone Goe Colors will reproduce on uncoated stock. Presented in fan-guide format, the Pantone GoeGuide uncoated is printed on premium 80# text weight uncoated stock; the Pantone GoeSticks uncoated presents the same colors on uncoated stock in a two-volume set of adhesive-backed color chips that allow designers to peel off chips and place them on designs and mock ups. Price: $129.99, Pantone GoeGuide uncoated; $199 for the GoeGuide coated/uncoated set; $369 for the Pantone GoeSticks uncoated; $499 for the complete Goe System uncoated.


* X-Rite has teamed up with Epson to develop the SpectroProofer, an in-line, off-carriage calibration and verification system for Epson’s newly launched Epson Stylus Pro 7900 and Stylus Pro 9900 large-format printers. Powered by X-Rite’s In-Line Spectrophotometer (ILS), the Epson SpectroProofer tool brings fully automated in-line proofing capabilities to the Epson Stylus Pro range to make remote proofing a reality. With the Epson SpectroProofer, reports X-Rite, the following color-control workflows become automatic: color calibration, color certification, daily color checks, profile creation, spot-color matching, color-shift tracking and target measurement. Furthermore, a color-certification label, like the Fogra wedge, can be printed to support the ISO-certification process.




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