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Leaf Aptus Digital Camera Back Shipping

Available in 17- and 22-Mpxl versions.




Creo has begun shipping its new Leaf Aptus digital camera back, initially announced at last year's PhotoPlus Expo in New York. The back is available in two models: the Aptus 22 (22 Mpxl) and the Aptus 17 (17 Mpxl).

The new back offers many new features, including: a full-frame CCD dual sensor readout for a capture speed of 1.2 sec per frame, 50 frames/min (both tethered and untethered); 16-bit color; and resolutions up to 4056 x 5356 (Aptus 22) and 3576 x 4716 (Aptus 17).

Creo claims this is the first camera back with a touch screen and graphic user interface, making it easier to operate and set up custom jobs. With it, files can be pre-named, job folders created, and files flagged/edited on location for a faster workflow.

The Leaf Aptus also integrates a new compressed RAW HDR (CHDR) file format. This format decreases the size of RAW HDR files with lossless compression that retains 100% of the original data. This speeds up shooting, doubles effective storage, and makes archiving and file transmission twice as efficient, reports Creo. For example, file size for the Leaf HDR is 126 M, Leaf RAW HDR is 42 M, and compressed cHDR is 21 M (lossless) or 11M (nearly lossless).

In addition, the Aptus features

– a 6 x 7 cm LCD for image evaluation, focus confirmation, and editing;


– an integrated compact flash with power for more than 1000 frames;

– a 20 GB Leaf Digital Magazine with storage space for up to 2000 frames; and

– Bluetooth wireless display technology to preview shots away from the camera using the Leaf DP-67 portable display.

– Leaf Capture 10 software, which offers a range of image-editing tools to adjust, select, and process images; its Digital Loupe Tool enables users to zoom into any sized preview or thumbnail for focus and detail verification.

The Leaf Aptus supports the Hasselblad H1 and V series; Mimaki 645AFD, RZ67, and RB67; Contax 645AFD; Fuji GX680; Bronica SQA/ETRS; and view cameras from Sinar, Toyo, Cambo, Linhof, Horseman, and Rollei X-Act. (Creo:




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