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Gandinnovations Introduces Dye-Sub Jeti 3300DS

129-in. wide printer for use with textiles




Gandinnovations recently introduced a new grand-format, dye-sub printer–Jeti 3300DS. This 129-in. printer is both a dye-sub and direct-print textile printer. Using Gandinnovation's solvent-based dye-sub inks, it features three color/resolution settings: 600 dpi in 6 colors, 300 dpi in 4 colors, and 300 dpi in a 4/6 color combination. Speeds range from 340 sq ft/hr in 4-color 600-dpi mode to 655 sq ft/hr for 6-color 300-dpi printing.

When using the dye-sub inks, the paper or fabric must be run through a heat press to sublimate the inks and make them a permanent part of the fabric. In order to keep production speeds at their peak, Gandinnovations suggest coupling the 3300DS with a wide-format rollfed Klieverik heat laminator.

The Jeti 3300DS can print onto vinyl, canvas, fabrics, mesh and paper. And the colors stay bright and are permanent, even after months of washing and wear and tear, reports Gandinnovations.

The Jeti 3300DS also offers 12 Spectra printheads and will print directly onto polyester-based fabric. It comes with a choice of Onyx PosterShop, Wasatch SoftRIP, ColorGate, and ErgoSoft on PCs; it uses the Caldera RIP on Macs.

List price: $225,000. (Gandinnovations:




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