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Turn Your Location for Your Ads, Asking Questions, and More Business Tips for Print Pros in April

Plus, something to keep in mind for those who are breaking in new employees.




Boast Location

Outside a major city and trying to compete with the big dogs? Turn your location into a competitive advantage in your ads, like one suburban used-car dealer profiled in Entrepreneur Magazine did, using the phrase “We’re just 16 minutes south of higher prices” in all of its advertising.

Is That So?

In The Patterson Principles of Selling, Jeffrey Gitomer suggests training yourself to be a better listener by asking a question at the end of your customers’ statements. If you make your own statement, it’s possible you were interrupting. But if you ask a question, you almost have to wait until they’re finished speaking.

Feel Factor

Former Raytheon CEO Bill Swanson writes in The Ceo’s Secret Handbook: “You remember a third of what you read, a half of what people tell you, but 100 percent of what you feel.” When communicating with your staff, your goal is not to tell or teach people what to do, but to make them feel what they need to do.

Stop Saying “Should”

“I should really work out tonight,” “I should talk to more strangers at tradeshows,” “I should fill out Brain Squad surveys.” “Should” implies reluctance and guilt. Start saying “want” instead, recommends Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The How Of Happiness. The positive language will help you prioritize what you really want to be doing – and it can help you see healthy business behaviors in a motivating way.

Mutually Beneficial

Employ high school and college students for different positions within your company. “The students get an opportunity to build and try skills in an area of interest, while employees get to share their knowledge, which is empowering and rewarding for both,” says Monique Berg, VP of Operations at Big Ink. “I like to rotate the students into different positions and encourage them to explore. That, paired with some simple do’s-and-don’ts business guidance, sets them up well for future schooling and work.”

Freedom Must Be Earned

Something to keep in mind for those who are breaking in new employees: It’s easier to give employees autonomy and freedom than it is to take it away. So, clearly state directions and expectations when employees are new to their jobs. Then, let autonomy and flexibility “be an earned right of their performance,” says Bob Nelson in 365 Ways To Manage Better.




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