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Beyond Décor: Rachel Nunziata

Rising Rentals Drive Removable Wallcovering Resurgence

Adhesive-backed wall options enable home-renters to customize interiors without making a long-term commitment.




PSPS HAVE OFFERED removable wallpaper for years. However, new trends are driving a resurgence in this category and potentially, creating new opportunities for you.

For one, experts are predicting the number of renter-occupied houses – not apartments – to rise during the next five years amid rising demand for affordable places to live. Removable wallcovering is no longer a secret either. The hashtag #RentalFriendly and its 211 million views on TikTok is a case in point. Of course, the print industry already knows why. Adhesive backed wallcovering benefits the consumer by allowing them to customize without having to commit long-term. For some, it’s a more cost-effective way to completely change the look and feel of a room without getting into a major renovation project.

For another, maximalism is thriving. I’ve seen this first-hand in a DIY home décor Facebook group I joined years back. Group members are self-proclaimed “maximalists” who boldly personalize and style their interiors with an aesthetic of excess. Recently, I’ve noticed more posts about “sticky” wallpaper, often from maximalist-types who fall in love with design content before understanding the substrate and installation requirements. As a result, the comment section is flooded with opinions about how to find aesthetically pleasing yet high-quality, renter-friendly wallpaper that won’t break the bank.

Both trends present ample opportunities to re-educate and inspire consumers seeking to transform their homes. If you are selling direct-to-consumer, think hard about the shopping experience you provide. Friends have asked for my expertise only to be disappointed when they learn the mural they had their heart set on from an e-commerce site won’t match their quality expectations. To avoid such scenarios, ensure product information is easy to understand. Keep your substrate and ink combinations consistent and your colorways and ranges fresh, relevant and trend-right. Consider redirecting consumers to a local painter or installer group to avoid shopper hesitation.

You might also consider re-evaluating your current substrate offering based on new consumer preferences. In a May 2023 article on 10 weeks of testing nine different brands of peel-and-stick removable wallpaper, Wirecutter (the product recommendation service of The New York Times) identified “smooth paper” and “fabric” as the best substrates. Top picks were described as having a “slight sheen” and “classic flat-paper look.” They were purchased only from brands offering samples – according to the article, it’s a red flag if you don’t. Other ideas might emerge from a focus group of designers and potential clients. You could also test with friends and family for general feedback.

Renters are ready to cover their walls, but with an overwhelming number of ecommerce marketplaces and POD sites, searching for renter-friendly wallpaper is a dizzying experience. How can your business help? Are you prepared to sync up with consumers and designers to reimagine what’s possible?




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