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Ramp Up for the Holiday Season with a Marketing Blitz, and More Manager’s-To-Do Items for October

Plus, consider scheduling time with your accountant to discuss 2022 tax planning.




October 3-9

MARKETING Email your retail customers early this month (at least once, and probably better to do it twice) with ideas for in-store graphics for the 2021 holiday season. Include big photos showing the different kinds of work you do. Few things can energize or change the ambience of a store or restaurant more than a new front-window graphic or a big, beautiful wallcovering. Plant that seed in the minds of your customers as the all-important holiday season approaches.

PUBLIC RELATIONS Start plotting ways to get your face out in the community. Dust off your business image and branding speech, update your analysis of retail trends and volunteer to be the voice of the small business community. There are meeting halls and newspaper column inches to be filled.

October 10-16

MARKETING Follow up on last week’s email to your retail/restaurant customers by asking them to step outside their businesses and look inside. Do they like what they see? Is their business showing the strongest possible “curb appeal”? Encourage them to ask a friend or trusted advisor for their opinion. If they’re not satisfied with what they see and are ready to make changes, then make sure they know who to call.

FINANCES Meet with your accountant to discuss 2022 tax planning and, in particular, tax-benefitted capital expenditures before this year’s end.

October 17-23

IN-STORE Do you have a fancy SLR camera that no longer gets much use because your phone takes excellent pics? Yes, us too. But as good as smartphone cameras are, you could likely get better. Sign yourself or select employees up for a course that teaches how to take better photos. (For iPhone users, check out

ONLINE Clean up your digital footprint by removing from your website any outdated content such as old blogs or inventory that is no longer in stock. Keeping it updated will not only ensure a fresh experience for visitors but help you rise to the top of search engines.


October 24-30

MARKETING Baseball’s World Series begins on October 26. And maybe you saw last month’s lead story on companies celebrating sports victories, “City Pride” ( Let baseball’s biggest event and that article inspire you to explore increasing the business you do with local sports teams (professional and otherwise).



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