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Manager's To Do

Prepare for All Possible Emergencies, and More Manager’s-To-Do Items for September

Plus, here’s a nifty substitute for a fancy CRM system.




September 5—11

EMERGENCIES One of the things about being a business owner is that sooner or later you’re going to have to deal with a power shortage due to a weather event or just problematic grids. Take a day to run through as many scenarios as possible. Do you have battery-powered lighting? Are your files automatically backed up? Can staff figure out tax on a calculator? Do you need to consider getting a generator?

MANAGEMENT We’re giving you permission to spend time cruising YouTube. To boost your business skills, try searching for training or sales material. Adam Grant, Jeffrey Gitomer, Tony Schwartz, David Allen, Tony Robbins, Dan Pink, they’re all there. All free. Share the best ones with staff.

September 12—18

CRM Can’t afford a fancy CRM system? Create a deck of customer profile cards. Be sure they’re updated after every customer engagement, not just sale. Complimentary checks of installed graphics once a year are still one of the best ways to get repeat business from clients.

STAFF It’s time for the second of your twice-yearly employee reviews. (The last one was in March.) With the economy picking up, review and re-align job descriptions.

September 19—25

MARKETING Work that word-of-mouth. How about putting a friendly little sign near your exit that says something like, “Don’t forget to tell your friends about us!”

MANAGEMENT Are you getting pitched way too many ideas and find your time is too stretched? Try the “Hell, Yeah” philosophy of tech entrepreneur Derek Sivers. If you see a project and your reaction is “Hmm, interesting,” don’t do it. “That could be fun?” Steer clear. “I like that idea?” Pass. Only if your response is “Hell, Yeah” should you go forward.

September 26—October 2

SALES Calculate the dollar value of every client. (Average annual purchase in your business x 20 years = a heckuva lot of money.) Post it for all to see.

REFRESHMENTS Here’s an employee favorite: An annual cookie, coffee, beer, wine, whatever taste testing party. It will give your staff – and yourself – something different to look forward to.

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