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Plan Ahead for Hurricane Season, Call a Lawyer, and More To-Do Tasks for Print Managers in May-June

Also, now’s a great time to upgrade your office furniture on the cheap.




MAY 7-13

FINANCES Talk to your bank about establishing or increasing a line of credit. It sounds counter-intuitive, but the best time to apply for a bank loan or a new line of business credit is when you don’t need it. When the economy falters, obtaining financing becomes more difficult.

MAY 14-20

FACILITY Is it getting warmer in your building? Could your air conditioning be due for a service? Maybe it’s finally time to invest in heat-reflecting blinds?

MAY 21-27

ACCESSIBILITY Study your parking situation. If you don’t already have a policy on where employees park, determine whether you need one to free up closer spots for customers. This could involve designating an area for staff, offering a stipend for public transportation, or renting additional parking for your business.


PREPAREDNESS Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1 and ends November 30. If recent years taught have us anything, it’s that a generator is a wise investment, especially if your business can’t afford any downtime.

JUNE 4-10

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Parade season is around the corner: Time to dust off your store mascot suit and join in the July 4th festivities. You’ll be spreading a message of fun, community involvement, and superb business branding.

JUNE 11-17

LEGAL Ask your attorney whether you need to update your staff manual or policies to ensure they’re legally enforceable. When it comes to their rights, employees are holding business owners to higher standards than even a few years ago.

JUNE 18-24

FURNISHINGS Need any new office furniture or fixtures? Now’s a good time to pick some up – showrooms are making room for new lines that come out in August.


MANAGEMENT Step up engagement with your team. If you don’t already, draft a schedule to meet with everyone once a week and individually every month. And bring the KPIs. Most successful people like to be measured. It gives them a yardstick for success.



Looking to shake things up? Try a “FedEx Day.”

Why? This concept, popularized by author Daniel Pink, involves giving your employees free time to come up with something innovative that can be implemented in the business.

How? This project is best for a slow season. Set aside a 24-hour period when employees can work on anything they choose. Make sure they have the tools and resources they need and impose just one rule: They must deliver something – a new idea, a better internal process, a service innovation, or a new way to treat and interact with customers – by the following day (FedEx). The results might amaze you.

Source: Daniel Pink, from Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

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