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The following ink and media suppliers have
exhibited at this year's industry trade
shows, but may be less well-known in the US
market than in their home countries. Some
have already established offices here in the
States, while others are still working on that
detail. We've listed each company's range of
products as well as contact information.

AlphaChem, based in Korea, offers ink
in cartridges, bulk ink systems, and refill
kits. Inks include dye- and pigment-based
aqueous inks for HP Designjet, Epson Stylus
Pro, Encad NovaJet, Mutoh, Roland,
and Mimaki printers; solvent inks for the
Mimaki JV3, and a variety of DGI, Infiniti,
Nur Salsa, and other wide-format printers
that use Xaar 128 printheads. In addition,
AlphaChem supplies textile ink for use
with the Mimaki TX 1600S and TX2-1600S,
Mutoh Falcon II, and Encad 1500TX; it also
offers dye-sublimation inks for Epson Stylus
Pro, Mutoh RJ, Mimaki JV2/4, and
Roland FJ printers. AlphaChem has an
office in Torrence, CA.

Colorwen International, based in
Tiawan, produces and sells Chromoink
aqueous dye- and pigment-based inks,
mild-solvent, and solvent inks. Its aqueous
inks are compatible with HP Designjet,
Encad NovaJet, Epson Stylus Pro,
Roland FJ and CJ, Mutoh RJ, and Mimaki
JV2 printers. Mild-solvent inks work for
Roland SJ, DGI, and Infiniti printers; solvent
inks are compatible with the Mutoh
Toucan. Colorwen has offices in Ontario,

Korean D5 offers, dye-based aqueous
and solvent inks for a variety of wideformat
printers. It supplies inks in a
reusable ink cartridge that includes a
replaceable ink “tube.” Printers include the
HP Designjet 5X00 series; Encad NovaJet
series; Canon W7200/7250/8200; Epson
Stylus Pro 7600/9600/10600; Mutoh RJ
series and Toucan, Falcon II outdoor; Roland
FJ series and Soljet Pro II; Mimaki JV2/4
and JV3series; Seiko II ColorPainter 64S;
and Gerber Elan XL. D5 also offers bulk-ink
systems for water-based and solvent ink
systems, as well as a cartridge ink-filling

Fortuna Digital Graphics, based in
Beijing, China, produces ImaColor ink for
aqueous, solvent, and mild-solvent printers.
Its aqueous inks are compatible with
Mimaki, Mutoh, Epson, and HP printers.
Its solvent inks can be used with Mimaki,
Nur, Yaselan, Infiniti, Liyu, and Fortuna
Sedna printers. The company's mildsolvent
inks can be used with Mimaki
JV3, Roland SJ-EX, and Mutoh printers.
Fortuna also produces microporous and
high glossy photo paper, as well as backlit

Tiawan-based JetBest Corp. offers
aqueous dye- and pigment-based inks
compatible with HP Designjet, Encad
NovaJet, Mutoh RJ, Roland Hi-Fi JET, and
Mimaki JV2/4 printers. It also offers mildsolvent
inks for Roland SJ and SC, Mimaki
JV3, and Mutoh Rockhopper printers. In
addition, JetBest offers refilling systems
for a variety of printers, as well as an
auto-refilling system for Roland, Mutoh,
and Mimaki systems.


KwangWoo, based in Seoul, Korea,
offers a variety of Star Flex wide-format
digital printing media for solvent and mildsolvent
printers. New media includes SBO-
10, 13, 15, 16, and 20 double-sided
opaque media, textiles, and SOLIT frontlit,
blockout, and backlit; new mild-solvent
media includes a matte or glossy frontlit
(SES-15) and backlit (SES-18) materials.
The company also makes water-based and
oil-based media.

REDGiant now offers inks under its
own label”?inkrang. The company offers
inks for the Encad NovaJet, Graphetec JX,
HP Designjet, Roland FJ, Mutoh RJ, Mimaki
JV, and Epson Stylus Pro wide-format

Chinese manufacturer Shen Zhen
ShinyColor Inks
sells solvent-based,
mild-solvent, and UV-curable inks for a
wide variety of large-format machines.
Shiny Color solvent inks are compatible
with Nur, Scitex, Vutek, Flora, DGI, Techwin,
Infiniti, Yaselan, Saibo, Gongzheng, Liyu,
Keling, SkyColor, and Vista machines. Its
UV-curable inks are compatible with
Durst, Oce Arizona, Inca Columbia, Zund,
Gandinnovations, Vutek, MacDermid
ColorSpan, 3M, Scitex, Nur, DGI, Mimaki,
Flora, Yaselan, Techwin, and SkyJet America

Korea-based Topkos offers MonaLisa
inks and media. Its 6 colors of ink for the
HP Designjet come in cartridges. The
CMYK inks for Encad NovaJet come in
bulk bottles/bags. Epson Stylus Pro
CMYKcmk inks are available in cartridges
and in bulk; and their CMYKcm inks for
Roland, Mutoh, and Mimaki printers are
also available in cartridges and in bulk.

Topkos also offers MonaLisa media for
aqueous wide-format inkjet printers,
including photo resin-coated paper, synthetic
paper, backlit film, PVC/PET, canvas,
and banner materials; it also makes Easy
Banner and PVC for solvent machines. The
company has a sales office in Torrance,




Printvinyl Scored Print Media

New Printvinyl Scored wide-format print media features an easy-to-remove scored liner for creating decals, product stickers, packaging labels, and more. The precision-scored liner, with a 1.25” spacing on a 60” roll, guarantees a seamless and hassle-free removal process.

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