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Gandinnovations Debuts Jeti 5024 UVRTR

UV-curable printer offers 24 Spectra printheads.




Gandinnovations has expanded its Jeti line with the introduction of the Jeti 5024 UVRTR. Big brother to the company’s 126-in. 3324 UVRTR, this 200-in. UV-curable printer offers 24 Spectra printheads (choose 300-, 600-, or 1200-dpi heads; see below) with 4 heads/color and allows users to choose from up to 6 color combinations. The 5024 UVRTR is designed to print media such as reinforced vinyl, pressure-sensitive vinyl, canvas, fabrics, mesh, and paper.

While 6 ink combinations are possible, the “normal” inkset is CMYKcm or CMYKOG. Users can swap out inks on-the-fly, just flushing lines between inksets. There is no need to clean the tanks between inksets because O and G have separate tanks. UV white or UV clear low-gloss varnish can be added as spot colors.

The 5024 UVRTR offers production speeds up to 990 sq ft/hr at 300 dpi and a best quality speed of 500 sq ft/hr at 600 dpi. In addition, a 1200-dpi resolution is available as an option on this and all Jeti UV printers; however, the company has not released any print speeds for1200-dpi printing on this printer.

At purchase, customers choose between the 300-dpi 80-picoliter Spectra printheads, the 50-picoliter 600-dpi heads, or the 30-picoliter 1200-dpi heads. The customer also has the choice of RIPs: Wasatch SoftRIp, Onyx, or Shiraz.

The printer also includes: a printhead cleaning station, rewind takeup unit, roll lifter, and an easy-to-use computer interface.





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