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Entitled Shop Employee Barks at the Boss During a Review

“If I got paid more, I’d show up on time.”




TECHNOLOGY HAS 1,000% changed the way we do our craft, ushering in explosive growth and massive employment opportunities. Nowadays we need employees to grow.

I love having employees, our team culture, the amount of work we can produce, the comradery … but sometimes I also hate having employees. Being “The Boss” is a difficult taskmaster, one that employees sometimes don’t understand.


Last week, we sat one of our 35 employees down to review a variety of offenses: repeatedly not showing up on time, not communicating enough with us from the field and even a couple no call/no show days. In response, that dude looked my business partner Rick Ream dead in his face and said, “Well, I’m not the boss, sitting up in the office making the big bucks. If I got paid more, I’d show up on time.” I swear to God, that’s what he said to him. I’m dead. This from an industry-newbie with barely one year of experience to boot!

I’ve been noticing that some of our new employees, like the guy we sat down, act entitled, that everything is owed to them, and now. Well, I for one, ain’t having that kind of attitude in my company. Many employees here have worked too hard over years to build this business, a lead spot, a reputation, a character. A lifetime of appreciation is gained if you earn it that way, and we are not seeing that trait in some of our newer people.

Couple that with other 2021 economic factors — hiring anybody right now is a challenge — and most shops are so busy, the work cannot be produced fast enough. It’s almost a “reverse recession…” In 2010, we had plenty of employees, plenty of materials, just nobody buying anything. Now it’s the opposite. Plenty of people buying, just no materials, nor enough quality employees to handle the work! It’s maddening, because you need your employees, but you still have to regulate the overall culture of your company in relation to all your other employees who are busting their ass to be successful.

Heavy Lies the Crown

A while back, one of Rick’s good friends, speaking of his one-year-old company, asked: “When do you stop feeling that this can all go to hell tomorrow?”


Rick’s answer: “Never.”

It’s always “Go Time” owning a business, rarely sunshine and lollipops. It’s always hard work being The Boss. But you know, it should be hard work, because there’s always hard work to be done and someone has to make the decisions, hire and yes, reprimand employees when necessary.

Good damn thing we’re sitting up in the office, earning those Big Bucks…



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