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The Women in Print Awards: Kelly Taylor

Taylor discusses the importance of employee training.




Kelly Taylor
CEO, Founder

Metropolitan West, Signal Hill, California

Accomplishments: A graduate and ambassador of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, is Women’s Business Enterprise-certified, was awarded a scholarship to attend Tuck School of Business’ Executive Program at Dartmouth, and was twice named Regional Dealer of the Year by Solar Gard

Philanthropy: Offers staff opportunities for self-improvement and betterment through company-paid classes, training, and mentoring

You’ve built a lot of your success by ensuring the client has the best possible experience with your company. What do you do to “go the extra mile” for your customers, and how do you feel that’s differentiated you from other shops?

It’s all part of the better value we offer, what we call “The MetWest Advantage.” During the steps involved to get a project from conception to completion, we go further to offer help. We take the initiative with a proactive approach to ensure all steps are handled, not just professionally, but as if we were the client and the project was for ourselves. We have a 360-degree view from all perspectives.


We know each of our clients’ pain points, from design to installation, and provide our clients with as much information as we would ask for. We are always looking to add value to what we offer our clients, such as ensuring we have the latest technology to provide the best quality solutions.

You place a big emphasis on employee education. Why are professional development and self-improvement so important to you?

I have always felt education, personal development, and self-improvement are opportunities to be more and accomplish more. There is a quote from Albert Einstein: “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” How true that is. I feel the same way; this drives me to continue improving myself and giving the opportunity to others.

One thing I learned a long time ago was to hire those who are smarter than me and who can do more within a specific area of expertise. It makes sense to give them the opportunity to educate and improve themselves – the company and clients benefit, too.

This is not forced, but the opportunity is there for those who want to take it. The company educates, attracts, develops, and retains employees. The client gets an educated and experienced staff member working with them on their projects. I believe it is a kind of “pay it forward” where everyone benefits.


I also get great personal satisfaction in knowing I am not just providing an income for a member of our team, but that I also get to watch staff grow and develop themselves while offering great service to our clients.

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