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Now Is the Time to Email Retail Clients About Holiday Graphics

Showing retail businesses how you can enhance their “curb appeal” leads this month’s Manager’s To Do list.




Oct. 2-8

MARKETING Email your retail customers early this month (at least once, and probably better to do it twice) with ideas for in-store graphics for the 2022 holiday season. Send an email with big photos showing the different kind of work you do. Few things can energize or change the ambience of a store or restaurant more than a new front-window graphic or a big, beautiful wall graphic. Plant that seed in the minds of your customers as the all-important holiday season approaches.

COMMUNICATIONS Follow local business reporters on Twitter to get a better sense of their interests. Be an active part of the dialogue. Ask questions and get real-time feedback. Share useful information and your own perspectives. Don’t be afraid to pitch ideas – just keep it timely and on topic. It all helps build your credibility in the local community.

Oct. 9-15

MARKETING Follow up on last week’s email to your retail/restaurant customers by asking them to step outside their businesses and look inside. Do they like what they see? Is their business showing the strongest possible “curb appeal?” Encourage them to ask a friend or trusted advisor for their opinion. If they’re not satisfied with what they see and are ready to make changes, then make sure they know who to call.

FINANCES Meet with your accountant to discuss 2023 tax planning and, in particular, tax-benefitted capital expenditures before this year’s end.

Oct. 16-22

SOCIAL MEDIA Prepare an editorial calendar for your social media channels. Aim to post something new every day, be it a blog, Facebook comment, or new video. It will all help increase your main website’s SEO at a time when people are scouring the internet for promo ideas for their businesses.

CRM Institute a post-sale follow-up procedure for thank-you notes. (“Hope you’re enjoying your new vehicle wrap!”) This is too important to leave up to each salesperson to do or not do their own thing.


Oct. 23-29

MANAGEMENT It’s easy to fall into a negative mindset as holiday workload builds – constantly looking for faults and flaws among staff. Instead, try to pay attention to what’s working. This week, keep a daily list of all the positive things your employees do and the behaviors you most appreciate.

MARKETING Draft a welcome note for all customers who sign up for your email bulletins. The letter should outline the benefits of being a regular customer. To encourage sign-ups at this key time of year, consider a gift card worth $20 for new registrants.



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