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New CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 from Corel

Redesigned user interface, customizable workspaces, enhanced Fill options, and more.




Corel has introduced CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7, the latest version of its flagship graphics suite.

CorelDraw X7 features multi-core and native 64-bit support (allowing users to run multiple applications and process large files) as well as a redesigned and customizable user interface, plus enhanced fill capabilities.

Specific features include:
Workspace selection: Users can choose between six pre-set workspaces – Lite, Default, Classic, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Advanced Page Layout, or Advanced Illustration.

Customization: The workspace can be tailored to reflect workflow, by adding or removing dockers, tools, and other items.

Fountain fills: Users have total control over fills and transparency – create elliptical and rectangular fountain fills, control transparency within the individual colors of a fountain fill, repeat fills within objects and adjust a fill’s angle, etc.

Font playground: Allows for browsing and experimenting with fonts.


Multiple document interface: Users can work with and switch between numerous documents, across multiple monitors, in a tabbed view.

Photo-editing tools in Photo-Paint: Images can be created with pressure-sensitive liquid tools (Smear, Attract and Twirl) and camera effects (Bokeh blur, Sepia Toning and Time Machine).

Monitor support: The interface can be adapted for touchscreen capability, and it supports high-dpi monitors.

QR code generator: Ability to create customized QR codes that feature colors, images, and text; also ensure the QR code is valid for all mobile devices.

Built-in content exchange: An online repository of vector, bitmap, and fountain fills, integrated with Corel Connect, allows for collaboration with other users.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 includes: CorelDraw X7; Photo-Paint X7 (image editing); PowerTrace X7 (bitmap-to-vector tracing); Connect X7 (for browsing digital content); Website Creator (website design); Capture (screen capture); PhotoZoom Pro 3 (export, enlarge digital images); and ConceptShare (collaboration tool). Also included are: 10,000 clip-art and digital images, 2000 high-resolution digital photos, 1000 OpenType fonts, 350 professionally designed templates, 2000 vehicle templates, 800 frames and patterns, training videos, and more.


Price: $499 for the full version, perpetual license ($199 for the upgrade); subscription price is $24.95/month ($198/year). A Premium Membership can be added to the perpetual license ($99/year), which provides early access to new features, exclusive content, and more. CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 is available in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Russian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, and Japanese. Shipping begins April 7, 2014.




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