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Meet the Women in Print: Tanya McNab

One of only a few women in the print industry in Belize, Tanya McNab didn't let that stop her from founding her business.




Tanya McNab
Founder and Creative Director
McNab Visual Strategies
Belize City, Belize 


McNab partners yearly with Sea to Shore Alliance in their quest to save the manatees as well as the Inspiration Center to create the “Inspiration Calendar and Agendas” that highlight the artwork of children with disabilities. Her team also participates in the Belize Cancer Society annual walk. 

“She’s full of ideas, always thinking beyond what anyone else has done, never wanting to do or be what anyone else is, and trying to remain unique through design and print.”   –Wayne McNab, managing director, Dots Per Inch

Your nomination form mentions there are few women in thwalle print industry in Belize. Why is it important to be a female business owner, not only in Belize, but in the digital print industry? 

I think it’s important that women take ownership roles in every industry, even those that were not traditionally run by women. We must all work towards more equality in the workplace. I gravitated to print due to my line of work and being in the creative business over the last 15 years, but I encourage every woman, no matter what the field, to make their way to the top and know there’s a seat at the table for them.

WallsWhat’s the best piece of advice you’ve received in your career so far?

As a woman, I think the most valuable advice I received was “not to take it personal and let the tough stuff roll right off your back.” As women we are naturally emotional and when you’re the only one among men or one of few, you have to be able to manage your emotions and realize it’s part of the process, part of business. And business is tough. It’s never easy, so after my first few years of work, I stopped beating myself up for everything that didn’t go right, and realized it’s not anything personal towards me and I have to let it go, learn, and keep on pushing forward.

McNab Visual Strategies is a Big Picture Best of Wide Format Award winner.





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