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The most-experienced shop can utilize the best available printer with high-end
inks in conjunction with top-of-the-line software and finishing expertise. But if
the wrong media is chosen for a particular job, then that job will surely suffer. To
steal—and slightly modify—a line from 1960s communications theorist Marshall
McLuhan, the media is the message.

Recognizing how critical media choice is, however, is just the prelude to identifying
the best media for a specific application or job. One vinyl, for instance, isn’t just like the others.

Just some of the factors that enter into the media equation include: weight, width, coating, thickness, inclusion (or exclusion) of adhesives, surface finish/texture, one- or two-sided printability, whiteness/brightness, printer compatibility, and so on.

To help you in your media selection, we’ve compiled this month’s media sourcelist: a compendium of manufacturers and private-label distributors of the most commonly used media in wide-format: rollfed vinyl, paper, films, and self-adhesives.

Note that we have only listed primary producers, manufacturers, and converters of media for the wide-format inkjet market; we’ve not listed distributors/dealers who are simply selling another company’s branded media. Also keep in mind that this sourcelist does not include rigid media (we’ll sourcelist this in October), specialty media (fabric, wallcovering, transfer paper, fine-art substrates, or magnetic media—covered later this year as well), or laminating media (covered earlier this year,
January 2009 issue). Finally, note that this information, sourced from company websites, was accurate at press time, but check company websites for the latest offerings.

Advantage Distribution
Advantage paper and vinyl.


Advantage Sign Supply
Optima Opti-Jet media for aqueous and Opti-Solve for solvent printers.

Alameda Supplies
Alameda wide-format inkjet paper, banner, and film.

American Permalight
Photoluminescent media for solvent.

Arkwright Advanced Coating
Paper, film and vinyl for aqueous, solvent, and UV-curable printers.

Solvent-compatible DPF banner media, PSA, and films.

Aslan Schwarz
PVC, films, and self-adhesives for aqueous, solvent/mild-solvent, and UV-curable inks.


Avery Dennison Graphics
Media lines for water-based, solvent, and UV-curable inkjets include: Multi Purpose Inkjet (MPI); Digital Banner Media (DBM); and Ink Jet Print Media (IPM). Also has an
EcoFriendly portfolio.

Bandanna Banner
Extreme Digital vinyl for solvent.

Bayer Films Americas
Makrofol polycarbonate films.

BF Inkjet Media
SignMaster vinyl and CapStone papers for aqueous; MuralMaster textured synthetic for banners.

Big Systems
BigJet, and WetJet media for aqueous printers, and BigSol solvent/mild-solvent media; also offers SeraMark wall-graphic media.

Bruin Plastics
Value Banner and vinyl-coated mesh.


CalComp Graphic Solutions
Artisan line includes backlit film, PSA, and vinyl for aqueous and solvent printers.

Canon USA
Film, paper, and vinyl.

Catalina Graphic Films
Mojave digital media for solvent printers. Its GMI sister company ( markets media for solvent and mild-solvent inks.

Cham Paper Group
Visualjet, Motionjet, and Scrolljet media for solvent and mild-solvent; papers for aqueous and UV, as well as dye-sub. Formerly Qualimage.

Clear Focus Imaging
One-way vision films include ClassicVue, ImageVue, SuperVue, ReflectVue, PosterVue (solvent, UV-curable); and JetVue and ImageJetVue (aqueous).

Jetcol OS digital transfer paper developed for oil- and solvent-based inks, plus Jetcol HTR, HS, and TA papers. Distributed in the US by Conde Systems and NextWave Media.

Continental Grafix
Panorama media including PanoramaStar, PanoramaDesign, PanoramaFilm, and others.

Contra Vision
XR, ORS, Backlite, and Perforated one-way viewable film for solvent or UV-curable printing.

Cooley Group
CoolFlex frontlit and backlit, plus Polyflex, and Polyposter, and a full line of Enviroflex environmentally friendly media.

Creative Banner Assemblies
Titan banner media for aqueous and solvent printers.

DaVinci Technologies
Range of DaVinci banner, films, and vinyl for aqueous and solvent.

Magellan film, paper, vinyl, and banner for aqueous printers.

Digital Art Supplies
DAS film, vinyl, backlit, and paper.

Digital Media Warehouse
Rhinojet paper, vinyl, and banner.

Various coated inkjet papers.

Spotlight backlit and other media.

Dreamscape glassTex window film for solvent printers, Bling metallic.

WindowFX, Eclipse, Printable Cast Vinyl, Polypropylene, TriPrint, and EmeryJet, plus PolystyGreen UV, BioFab, and BioFab Blockout.

Tyvek, Tyvek Vivia, and Melinex are wide-format compatible.

EcoBanner, EcoBacklit, EcoBlock.

ElevenTen Color
Aqueous and solvent banner and sign media, vinyls, paper and more.

Emblem media for aqueous, solvent, and mild-solvent printers.

Epson signage media for advertising, banner, and P-O-P applications; paper and film for aqueous printers.

FDC Graphic Films
Cast or calendered PVC, perforated, and reflective films for solvent and UV-curable inkjets.

Product lines for aqueous and solvent printers.

Ferrania Technologies
OptiJet paper and film.

Media lines include: FlexMark, FlexStat, BusMark, BusArt, RailMark, LiteCal, and SeeThru-Sign.

Folex Imaging
FolaJet, Tack Jet and Stoplight Jet media lines for aqueous and solvent.

Fujicopian USA
FixFilm-IJ is a static-cling film (white or translucent) for aqueous.

Gavrieli Plastics
Gavrieli-Jet paper and film.

SurePrint and SurePrint Direct for aqueous and eco-solvent/solvent.

General Formulations
Media lines include Concept, Traffic Graffic, TransMark, WallMark and MetroMark for solvent and UV-curable printers, as well as GMI Vehicle Wrap, a 2-mil white cast vinyl.

Gerber Scientific Products
ImagePerfect calendered, banner, backlit film, reflective, and translucent media.

Pixelle wide-format papers.

Graphics One
GO Solvent Backlit and Blockout, PolyPro for dye and pigmented inks, and various other GO media.

Gregory Trendfilm for solvent.

BriteLine Duration media for solvent.

Harman Technology
Harman OpalJet XL 125 for roller banners, OpalJet XL 300 for pop-up displays and banner stands.

Hawk Mountain Paper
Merlin, Sparrowhawk, Sharpwing, and Condor for aqueous printers.

Bantex digital banner media, Bantex for solvent and UV printers.

Various HP paper, film, backlit, banner, and self-adhesive media for aqueous, solvent, and mild-solvent.

Hexis USA
Hexpress vinyl and PVC for solvent and mild-solvent printers, SupTac vinyl.

IJ Technologies
DuraGraphix (aqueous and mild-solvent), UltraGraphix (aqueous), and SolGraphix (solvent).

Infiniti Digital
Orasign flex-face, vinyl, paper, and film for aqueous and solvent.

InkJet Set
InkJet Set media for a wide range of wide-format printers.

Inkpress Paper
Inkpress film, vinyl, and paper, including Inkpress Eco Matte for pigment ink printers.

Inktec papers (including synthetic) and PET, for solvent and aqueous.

i2i paper for aqueous systems.

InteliCoat Technologies
Magic brand offers a variety of media for aqueous, solvent, mild-solvent, and UV-curable printers. Media range from paper and banner to self-adhesives and films. 

International Paper
Accent Opaque line for inkjet.

iVivid vinyl and film for aqueous, solvent, and mild-solvent inks.

Japan Pulp and Paper USA
Wide-format paper and film for aqueous inkjets (dye and pigment).

Kanzaki Specialty Papers
KS paper and film for aqueous.

Kapco Graphic Products
Media lines include vinyl, self-adhesive, banner, and film for aqueous and solvent inks.

Kimoto Tech
Super KimoJet and KimoJet graphic media for aqueous printers.

Kodak Wide-Format Media (paper, vinyl, and banner) for aqueous.

Legion Paper
Moab Entrada and Colorado paper.

Leinix Enterprises
LEeyes Digital Signage vinyl and paper for aqueous and solvent printers.

LexJet and Sunset films, self-adhesive, banner, paper, for aqueous, solvent, and UV-curable inkjets, more.

LG Chemical America
LG Vizuon and Bannux banner, pressure-sensitive, and films.

Liberty Photo
Liberty Signature Series banner, vinyl, film, and paper.

Lintec of America
L-AG Mother Green films, Printerior wall media.

Opaljet media for solvents, Opaljet translucent media, more.

MacDermid Autotype
SigmaGraf films for aqueous or UV-curable printing, and FootPrint floor-graphics systems.

Imagin series of self-adhesive and vinyl for aqueous, solvent, and UV-curable printers.

Mehler Texnologies
Valmex Backlit, Truck, and Blockout.

Metamark Digital Media includes vinyl, polyester, and one-way vision film. Distributed by Splash of Color in the US.

Milano Digital
Milano Digital products for aqueous and solvent inkjets includes film, banners, and vinyl.

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper
Jetscript films and specialty papers.

Mitsubishi Imaging
DiamondJet paper and film—photograde, matte, proofing and specialty. Also: Pictorico paper and films for aqueous inks.

Vinyl and banner media specifically designed for the ValueJet 1608 and 1618.

Nazdar Source One
ImageStar paper, vinyl, self-adhesive, and film for aqueous, solvent mild-solvent,
and UV-curable.

Neo Media America
LFP for aqueous and Solink film and vinyl for mild-solvent and solvent.

Neschen Americas
Media for aqueous, solvent, and UV-curable inks: Neschen SolvoPrint and PrintLux; Seal Solvent Vinyl.

Next Wave Media Solutions
Aqueous media lines include BanJet, PermaJet, and DuraJet; also paper and polypropylene for solvent.

NuSign Supply
Nu-Flex banner, backlit, perforated vinyl, and more for wide-format.

Océ North America
Océ Pro-Select, Display Graphics Inkjet, Options, and Solvent Inkjet Media for aqueous and solvent.

Oji Ilford USA
OmniJet paper, vinyl, and film for aqueous printers.

Oracal USA
Orajet vinyl, film, perforated window media, and more for solvent printers, including: OraJet 3628 Removable Wall and Window Graphic film and OraJet 3641 Intermediate Calendered PVC Digital media.

Outdoor Sign Supply
OSS banner and self-adhesives.

Pace Industries
BioGraphics and PS-Absolve.

Parrot Digigraphic
Parrot film, vinyl, and paper.

Photo Tex
Photo Tex and Photo Tex(S) self-adhesive paper for aqueous, solvent, and mild-solvent printers.

DuraTex solvent media include vinyl, banners, and films.

Eclipse, SuperCling, Plasticling, EarthCling, and PlastiView.

Poli paper, vinyl, and film.

PPG Industries
Teslin is a microporous, polyolefin-based film for aqueous printers.

Premier Imaging
Premier Display film, paper, and vinyl for aqueous printers.

Quality Media & Laminating
Vinyl and film for solvent and aqueous.

Que Media
Vinyl, film, and paper for aqueous; solvent media “coming soon.”

R Tape
VinylEfx self-adhesive metallized vinyl for solvent, mild-solvent, UV-curable.

Vinyl, film, and paper.

Read & Co.
Read media for water-based, solvent, and mild-solvent printers.

Rite-Media paper, vinyl, backlit, banner, and reflective media.

RI-Jet vinyl for solvent printers.

Rock of Ages
Coated media for solvent and eco-solvents; water-resistant outdoor media; indoor media.

Royal Sovereign
Film and paper.

Roland DGA
Banner, paper, vinyl, and film for aqueous, solvent, and mild-solvent.

Scarab Graphics
Scarab Graphics vinyl, films, and paper for aqueous inkjets.

SID Signs
OneSign vinyl and banner.

SolGold solvent-printable gold vinyl.

Sihl Digital Imaging
Aqueous and solvent inkjet media, as well as a line of green medias plus ArtNow inkjet media.

SKC Films
Skyrol films.

Snyder Manufacturing
Advertex, Weatherspan, Banner, and Blackout media.

Sonoma Graphic Products
Inkjet-compatible lines include: Platinum, AW, Sahara, and Opelene. EcoTyvek Banner is new.

Spartech Plastics
PETG sheets and more.

Stafford Textiles
Grandform for large-format solvent.

DuraView vinyl and polyester for solvent; JetView for UV.

Wide-format inkjet lines include 3M Banner, Controltac, Scotchcal, and Scotchlite banner, self-adhesive, film, reflective, perforated media, and more.

Transalloy (including biodegradable) and Transvy, plus static-cling, vinyl, polyester, and synthetic paper.

Triangle Digital INX
Polyethylene Ecos PosterFlex and FlexiLite.

Brite Awn polyester, Bantex, more.

Ultraflex Systems
Media lines for solvent and/or UV-curable printing including Bio-Flex, SuperPrint, SuperSmooth, Vulite, Jetflex/Normandy, Eclipse, Ultra-banner, Ultima Supreme, Ultra-vision, Ultralon, and Ultramesh. New: Ultratex Organic and Normandy Lite FL.

Universal Products
Solutions vinyl, banner, and film for solvent, mild-solvent, UV-curable.

US Banner Corp.
Crown vinyl for solvent inks and Pearl Solvent digital media.

Utopia Digital Technologies
Effex polycarbonate for aqueous, and KromaPlex for solvent; Utopia for UV also available.

Value Vinyls
FreedomMedia (matte, gloss, opaque, more) compatible with solvents.



Printvinyl Scored Print Media

New Printvinyl Scored wide-format print media features an easy-to-remove scored liner for creating decals, product stickers, packaging labels, and more. The precision-scored liner, with a 1.25” spacing on a 60” roll, guarantees a seamless and hassle-free removal process.

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