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Large-Format Laminators

A sourcelist of manufacturers and/or exclusive distributors of large-format laminators for use with




Does your company need a laminator? Before you buy one, decide just what it is you need. One that mounts, laminates, and/or encapsulates?
Hot or cold rollers? Pressure-sensitive or thermal lamination? For thick or thin substrates? Occasional or production-level
use? This listing offers a sampling of manufacturers and/or exclusive distributors of large-format laminators for use with digital prints.

Advanced Greig Laminators (AGL)

Features several pressure-sensitive and thermal
wide-format laminators from 42 to 79 in.
wide, and also offers custom rollfed and
flatbed laminators up to 110 in. The company's
latest product is the AGL 8000 series, which
accommodates 79-in. thermal and pressure-sensitive
materials: the AGL 8000C is for cold
lamination and mounting; the 8000T has a
top-heated nip roller for use with thermal film
and pressure-sensitive overlaminates; the
8000S and 8000R can apply thermal or cold
films, mounting adhesives, and vinyl transfer.

Advantage Distribution

Sells Advan-Tac wide-format laminators with
dual heat, top heat, or cold only. The 1650
series laminators are 65 in. wide and offer
lamination speeds up to 16 ft/min; the 1050
series laminators are 42 in. wide.


Sells two 63-in. laminators that accommodate
media up to 1 in. thick. The Orasign
1600EH is a hot and cold laminator; the
Orasign 1600EC is a cold laminator.

All Graphics Supplies & Signmaking Systems

Sells the LM-56 LiquiLam 56-in. laminator,
which uses water-based UV liquid laminates.
For use on solvent inkjet graphics, thermal
ribbon prints, and fine-art images.

Allen Datagraph Systems, Inc.

The Allen DFS (Digital Finishing System) laminates,
digitally die cuts, weeds, slits, and rerolls
printed or blank labels or decals. Will process
media up to 16 in. wide and 250 ft long.


Banner American Products

Features a variety of laminators”?one-sided,
two-sided, and pouch models. The Foliant
series of one-sided thermal laminators offers
widths up to 27.5 in. with speeds up to 40
ft/min, and is recommended for book and
magazine covers as well as brochures. The
Entry 4500 offers top and bottom heat, 45-in.
media width, mounting thicknesses up to
0.25 in., and a speed of up to 5 ft/min. The industrial-grade Finisher 4300 offers heated
rollers, a 43-in. width, and speeds up to 20 ft/min. Other laminators include the Easy Lam,
MightyLam 2700, and the Finisher 4300.


The BeDigital Oscar laminator launches at Viscom
Paris in September. It features two hot and
two cold rollers, accommodates media up to 62
in. wide, 1.18 in. (30 mm) thick, and reaches
speeds of up to 26 ft/min. Oscar is designed for
high-quality adhesive coating, panel mounting,
laminating, and encapsulating.


Features motorized and hand-operated wide-format
laminators. Its new 44-in. CodaPro
line includes: The CodaPro 44 HE (heat
encapsulation with top and bottom heated
rollers), the CodaPro 44 HA (top heated), and
the CodaPro 44 PS (cold lamination).
All can operate at speeds up to 20 ft/min.

The CodaPro 64 high-production laminator
line features two heated rollers that encapsulate,
laminate, and mount using thermal
or pressure-sensitive adhesives and laminates.
At 64 in. wide, the CodaPro 64 can
accommodate media up to 1.5 in. thick; it
works at speeds up to 15 ft/min.


Offers the AppliPhase line of hot and cold
laminators, which feature variable speeds,
adjustable nip roll pressure, and adjustable
tension controls. The squeeze roll applicators
allow the laminator to operate at high speeds.
Contech also custom designs and engineers
laminators to customer specifications.

D&K International

Produces many wide-format laminators that
mount, encapsulate, and laminate. Its Expression series includes the Professional 42-in.,
44-in. Twin (two sets of rollers”?two
heated on top and one heated roller on bottom),
and the 62-in. wide-format laminators.

The System 2760 is an on-demand, short-run
laminating system; one-sided, it accommodates
27-in. wide media and offers speeds of up
to 60 ft/min. D&K also sells the System 3210
one-sided laminator, which can be used with
56-in. media and has speeds up to 100 ft/min.


Makes several laminating systems. The Maxit
Adhesive System is designed for mounting
presentations and inkjet prints; it uses adhesive
bars that melt and will coat widths up to
55 in. The Quickmount III uses cold laminates
and is available in widths up to 54 in. The Rollataq
motorized laminator (up to 36.5 in.
wide) applies a liquid repostionable adhesive
to mount prints. The EZ Glide Applicator protects
wide-format prints (up to 55 in. wide)
with a liquid laminate.



Offers more than 20 models of large-format
laminators”?cold, hot, two-sided, liquid, and
encapsulation”?from 25 to 126 in. wide and
up to 0.98 in. thick.


Manufactures Protac 27 and 32 pressure-sensitive
roller laminators, which offer speeds up to
15 ft/min for substrates up to 1.25 in. thick.

Eastech USA

Features six cold laminators that accommodate
media 63 to 78.7 in. wide and up to 0.59
in. thick.

EMSeal Pty.

This Australian company manufactures many
large-format laminators. Thermal laminators
include the Compact and Centaur in sizes up
to 40 in. wide; and the EMSeal in widths up to
54 in. Pressure-sensitive machines include
the Applikator 2R and 4R Plus in sizes up to
53.5 and 56 in.; and the Makrolam 1650 and
2R 1650. Multi-purpose (hot and cold) laminators
include the Triseal, which handles
media up to 54 in. wide and 0.5 in. thick, and
the Makrolam HC.


Makes an assortment of lamination equipment”?
both thermal and pressure-sensitive”?
that offer widths up to 80 in. and are
able to laminate materials as wide as 0.75 in.
GBC's product lines include Spartan, Catena,
Talon, Arctic Titan, Orca, and Falcon.


Canadian manufacturer of TCC2700, a 27-in.
pouch laminator.



A sister company of GBC, Ibico sells wide-format
laminators such as the 31-in. Patriot
27HS (with infrared heating), 25-in. Patriot
25HC, 40-in. Patriot 38HC, and the 61-in.
Patriot 62C.

Keundo Corp.

Produces the Supra Coater 3300, LR3200,
and LR1600 liquid laminators, which have
lamination widths from5.25 to 10.8 ft and
speeds up to 68 sq ft/min.

Lami Corporation

Manufactures LamiGorilla and LamiMonkey
laminators. LamiGorilla offers heated, low-heat,
pressure-sensitive, and liquid lamination
models up to 62 in. wide and maximum thicknesses
of 1.2 in. The LamiMonkey laminates
up to 28 in. wide and speeds up to 112 in./min.

LEDCO/Graphic Laminating

Offers a wide variety of laminators. Ledco's
Digital 42, 44, and 60 Laminators will laminate
(one or two sides), encapsulate, mount
(with heat-activated dry mount or cold, pressure-
sensitive adhesives) or mount and laminate
in one pass; Signmaster 44-in. laminator
applies pressure-sensitive material,
mounting, and laminates; and the HD 38/60
industrial laminators feature variable speed-control
with speeds up to 35 ft/min.

LexJet Direct

The LexJet 2700C is a pressure-sensitive
cold laminating machine for laminating and
mounting. It accommodates media up to 27
in. wide and 0.5 in. thick.

Neolt S. p. A.

Manufactures NeoLam laminators with
widths from 43 to 81 in. and media thicknesses
from 30 to 50 mm. The C series features
cold lamination; S series has an upper
heated roller; its M, H, and Dual F series laminators
offer two heated rollers.


Makes the Accutech liquid lamination system,
which automatically coats, protects, and
texturizes digital and photographic images
with water-based lacquer. Its latest system,
the ACCU-CURE 72X UV, handles media up to
72 x 96 in. with speeds up to 90 ft/min, using
a UV Dryer for fast curing.

Optima International

Produces several liquid laminators. The company's
Rollacoat rollfed and sheetfed systems
range from 36 in. to more than 16 ft and
include infrared dryers. Optima also offers
the Super Shot Atomizer, a refillable, hand-held

Professional Laminating Systems

The PL series of wide-format laminators feature
widths up to 60 in. and lamination thicknesses
of up to 1.25 in., as well as hot and
cold lamination, or mounting, and speeds up
to 18 ft/min.

Repro Technology

Sells the Star series of 44 and 64-in. laminators,
which come in double-heated rollers, a
single-heated roller, and cold only; they
accommodate media up to 2 in. thick and
reach speeds up to 15 ft/min.

Royal Sovereign International

Makes a variety of hot and cold wide-format
laminators. The RSS Hot-Shoe and RSR Rolling-Shoe
laminators are designed for hot and cold
lamination, mounting, and encapsulation, and
offer widths from 27 to 41 in.; the RSH Hot-Roller
series offers widths from 41 to 65 in.;
and the Cold-Roll Laminator offers pressure-sensitive
lamination for images up to 65 in.

Seal Graphics Americas

Manufactures hot, cold, and pouch wide-format
laminators. The latest product is the
SEAL 80 Pro laminator, which features top-and
bottom-heated rollers for both pressure-sensitive
and heat-activated applications,
handling media up to 80 in. wide, and offering
speeds up to 20 ft/min. Other laminators
include the ProSeal 44 pouch laminator, Seal
EP42, the Ultra series, the Image 62 Plus and
600md, and the Seal 62 Pro.

Tek Werks

Makes the Spectra Pro hot and cold laminators,
available in 42, 55, 62, and 80-in.
widths (smaller-format machines are
upgradeable). The laminators feature laminating
speeds up to 15 ft/min and accommodate
media up to 1 in. thick.


Produces a wide array of laminators. Models
include the 27-in. ARL 2700 and CSL; the MRL
42-in; the CRL 40 and 42 Plus; and the 61-in.
wide Image 62 Plus.

Varitronic Systems

A Brady Worldwide business, Varitronic carries
two large-format cold laminators: ProFinish,
for images up to 24 in. wide; and the ProFinish
XL, for graphics up to 42 in. in width.

Wesco Machine

Manufactures F30, F38, and the W56 laminators.
The W56 accommodates media up to 54
in. wide, will laminate graphics up to 2.5 in.
thick, and reaches speeds up to 172 ft/min.


Makes the Xyron 4400 wide-format cold laminator,
which laminates graphics up to 44 in.
wide and 3/16 in. thick.



Printvinyl Scored Print Media

New Printvinyl Scored wide-format print media features an easy-to-remove scored liner for creating decals, product stickers, packaging labels, and more. The precision-scored liner, with a 1.25” spacing on a 60” roll, guarantees a seamless and hassle-free removal process.

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