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More than just “icing on the cake” for a graphics job, laminates and protective films also can be the key ingredient when it comes to a print’s durability. Plus, a laminate can add to the graphic’s aesthetic – providing a texture and visual feel that really pulls the viewer’s eye. Add in other qualities like enhanced slip-resistance for floor graphics and an anti-graffiti agent for public venues and it’s all but impossible to ignore how critical laminates are in today’s wide-format world.

On the pages that follow, we’ve compiled an extensive list of laminate and graphic-protection sources. For the purposes of this list, only primary producers and manufacturers of laminates and graphic protection for the wide-format market are included, as are companies that have their own branded media; not included are distributors/dealers who simply offer another company’s brand.

Advanced Greig Laminators
Cover-Rite thermal and pressure-sensitive overlaminate films in matte, gloss, textured, and luster finishes; Cover-Rite V2 overlaminate in gloss or luster finish.

Advantage Distribution
Advan-Tac Economy laminating films include pressure-sensitive GlossLam-UV, PS Laminate, PS High Gloss PolyLam, and PS Clear Dry Erase.

Advantage Sign Supply
VariousOptima Opti-Koat laminates for floor graphics, window graphics, dry-erase apps, and more; in gloss, luster, satin, and matte finishes.

Series 3200 2-mil, optically clear; Series 3220, luster, satin, matte or gloss; Series 3420, satin or gloss; its Series 3350 is specifically designed as an anti-graffiti overlaminate.

Acid-free cold (matte, gloss, luster) and canvas-texture laminates; scuff-resistant films (matte, gloss); also roll-laminator films (matte or gloss).

Art Unica
DuraLam+ (gloss, matte, luster, satin) and DuraLam+ Crystal laminates.

Self-adhesive polyester and PVC laminating films, including Aslan SL Series, in various finishes, textures, and thicknesses; MP Series for floor graphics and DFP Series for outdoor graphics.

Avery Dennison
DOL pressure-sensitive overlaminates include ultimate cast DOL 1060 (gloss), 1080 (matte), 1360 3D (gloss), and 1560 (optically clear); high performance calendered DOL 2060 (gloss), 2070 (luster), and 2080 (matte); promo calendered DOL 3060 (gloss), 3070 (luster), and 3080 (matte); and DOL 6060 anti-graffiti specialty film. New to ultimate cast line are 1.3-mil DOL 1370 (luster) and 1380 (matte).

Spain-based BeDigital’s pressure-sensitive, cold-laminating films include Metromeric, Linentex, Sandtex, UV Ecomeric, Polyscratch, Pop-Up, and Floor Graphics; heat-sensitive encapsulates include Polycrystal, Special Ultra Gloss/Matte, Pop-Up Blocking.

Breathing Color
Glamour 2 Veneer is a canvas/giclée varnish that is water-based and non-yellowing; available in gloss or matte. New: Timeless is true matte, water-based and non-yellowing; available in gloss, satin, or matte.


Bulldog Products
Fine-art/canvas coatings include Ultra glossy/gloss/semi-gloss (liquid or aerosol); AquaLam gloss/satin (liquid); Dreamguard matte/satin (liquid); Clear Jet matte/gloss/semi-gloss (liquid or aerosol) and Impasto textured gloss/satin (gel).

CalComp Graphic Solutions
Pressure-sensitive, cold-laminated PVC films include Artisan Econo, PS, Crystal PS, Polycarbonate PS, and PS Dry Erase; thermal-laminated cast films in gloss, satin, matte, clear.

Catalina Graphic Films
CM polyester films, CP polypropylene and polycarbonate films, CV flexible vinyl, and SRV embossed rigid vinyl available in matte, clear, gloss, textured, and velvet. Mojave Digital Media “green” water-based adhesive laminates available in gloss, high-gloss, matte, and textured finishes.

Clear Focus
ClearLam optically clear polyester, pressure-sensitive, cold-mount overlaminate (flat installations only); CurvaLam conformable, glossy, cold-mount PVC for vehicle- and window-graphics; and PerfxCoat hot-mount coating for solvents.

ClearShield (water-base) and ClearJet (solvent-base) liquid laminates. ClearShield is available in several versions, including Anti-Graffiti; ClearJet is also available in a Fine Art version. New to the ClearShield line is CSX5000, designed for high chemical resistance and UV protection.

Coastal Business Supplies
Low-melt laminating films in various sizes, thicknesses, and finishes.


ThermaPro series of low-melt laminates available in gloss, satin, and Sparkle; Cold-Mount pressure-sensitive textured overlaminates, in Smooth, Gloss Poly, Textured, and Lexan versions.

Creative Banner Assemblies
Titan Cold Lamination Film, 4-mil, for indoor and outdoor use.

D&K Group
Expression line of thermal, pressure-sensitive, and low-melt films and laminates, in various thicknesses, widths, scuff resistance and finishes; also available is its SuperStick line of heat-assist, linerless laminates.

Rollaguard liquid coating (gloss or satin finish) for outdoor signage as well as canvas fine-art prints. Also offers a line of Daige Solo cold laminates in gloss, luster, and matte.

Emblem cold-laminating Protection Film and TrueColor Protection (UV protection) films in gloss, semi-matte, and matte finish; plus FloorGraphic and double-sided adhesive films.

Denco Sales Company
Aspire 3-mil PVC laminate in luster, gloss, and matte finishes.

Pressure-sensitive overlaminates, HeatSet overlaminating films, and MHL low-temp thermal overlaminating/encapsulating films. Its Interlam Bio line of laminates are designed to be fully biodegradable after use. Also offers a range of EnduraCoat Aqueous low-VOC liquid coatings, including EnduraCoat UltraMaxx Gloss and UltraFlex Matt for wrap applications, as well as EnduraCoat Transit for transit apps, plus InstaCure UV-curable liquid coatings.

Tedlar PVF and PVF SP (Special Properties) line of overlaminates.

Roll thermal and cold laminates in gloss or matte finishes.

FDC Graphic Films
FDC Series premium-, intermediate-, and promotional-grade, pressure-sensitive laminating films for various applications in gloss, matte, or luster finishes.

Gamutskin and Lamex laminates in gloss, luster, matte, clear, or textured finishes, as well as overlams with rigid backing.

BusArt, Brushcal, FlexMark, ClassicsPlus, FlexVu, and JetBond overlaminates. Its FlexMark floor art OV6604 is a 25-mil, clear overlaminate for floor graphics, including carpet.

Laminates include thermal films Octiva, Nap-Lam, and AccuShield in gloss, matte, luster, or textured finishes; Arctic pressure-sensitive laminates and adhesives in gloss, matte, luster, satin, or textured finishes; and HeatSeal laminating pouches. New is Nap-Lam II, a clear polyester film coated with a low-temperature copolymer adhesive in various finishes.

General Formulations
Concept pressure-sensitive, adhesive-coated C1, C2 (clear), and M1 (matte) polyester films; VF (clear, luster, matte), SR5 (clear) vinyl and CAN (clear) embossed vinyl films; PC polycarbonate films (velvet, gloss); and PP2 polypropylene film (clear).

Gerber Scientific Products
Laminates include GerberGuard (3-mil, gloss), StrikeGuard (8-mil, gloss), and UVGuard (1-mil, clear Tedlar).

Graphic Laminating
Durafilm pressure-sensitive, thermal, and low-melt films in matte, luster, gloss, satin finishes; also, laminating pouches (gloss, satin).

Graphics One
GO PermaFilm pressure-sensitive, cold laminate in gloss or matte; GO PermaShield liquid laminate.

Gregory Inc.
TrendFilm 2-mil, permanent adhesive in clear or gloss.

Hahnemühle Shield Protective Spray is odorless, transparent, fast-drying, and non-yellowing.

Hexis USA
PVC and polyester laminates in gloss, matte, satin, or embossed. Its PC30 1.2-mil cast laminate is designed for vehicle wraps (matte, super matte, or gloss).

Lyson Print Guard spray or brush-on lacquer in satin or gloss, slow or fast dry.

Integument Technologies
Peel-and-stick FluoroGrip clear, single-sided and double-sided films for protection against graffiti and the elements.

Magic PrintLam2 Lustre is a printable, 4-mil film for rigid substrates; also offers Magic DMFGOC (4-mil clear) and DMFGOT ( 6-mil, textured) overlaminate, both for floor graphics.

INX Digital International
Triangle Products-brand liquid laminates include ClearFlex (gloss), Fleet ClearFlex (gloss, semi-gloss,matte), ClearFlex ME (gloss), Ultra (gloss, semi-gloss), and CristalBond gloss for UV-curable prints.

Kapco Graphic Products
Kapco pressure-sensitive (vinyl, polyester, and polycarbonate) and thermal (low-melt and heat-assist) laminates in a variety of finishes.

Lamination King
LK Series standard, low-melt, and pressure-sensitive cold-mount laminating films in various thicknesses and finishes. Thermal and self-seal laminate pouches also available.

Thermal laminate films in General Purpose, CoPolymer, Heat Seal, and Pouch varieties; UniLam pressure-sensitive laminates.

UK-based Lamount offers UV vinyl overlaminates in gloss, luster, and matte; Heatseal thermal films; UV Vinyl Heatseal low-melt film. New Linerless low-melt, heat-activated Vinyl film.

LexJet’s low-melt laminates include DisplayGuard, CrystalEmboss, ArmorGuard UV Hardcoat, and polyester films; also PreLume, GraphicsGuard UV, PVC/vinyl-free EcoGuard satin, and ExhibitGuard UV pressure-sensitive laminates. Also available is 3-mil GraphicShield UV satin. All available in various finishes, and textures.

Lintec of America
Pressure sensitive L-AG Protect laminates available in a variety of constructions and sizes. Its Revi overlaminate films are iridescent and change color when viewed from different angles.

LG Hausys America
3.5-mil Vizuon Cast LP80990 high-gloss, 3.7-and 4.7-mil LP2712G/M high-gloss (matte), clear PVC films.

Permacolor pressure-sensitive, optically clear overlaminates (in three finishes); Permacolor rigid and intermediate overlaminates; and Permacolor thermal overlaminates (Thermacolor). Permacolor lines also include ColorGard for image enhancement and adhesion, and PrintCover for short-term graphics. Recent additions include Permacolor Permaflex and Rayzor Gloss for short-, medium-, and long-term applications.

Madico Graphic Films
Line of gloss, matte, luster, and textured overlaminate films.

Media One
Its Professional Series laminates are available in gloss, luster, and textured matte versions.

Milano Digital
PS Series PVC and polycarbonate pressure-sensitive laminates; DI Series thermal laminates; also ProTect lamination spray.

Montroy Supplies
Moncor cold- and pressure-sensitive laminates available in gloss, luster, matte, and satin finishes.

NeoFilm, NeoFilm Floor cold and Neo-Ultralam low-melt laminates.

Neschen Americas
Neschen UltraCoat and AccuLac water-based coatings and AccuCure UV-based liquid laminates. Also, Filmolux pressure-sensitive laminates available in various finishes and textures. Via its Seal brand, the company offers heat-set (Print Guard, Floor Guard), heat-activated (Jet Guard, ThermaShield), and pressure-sensitive (Print Shield, Floor Guard) laminating films, available in various finishes and textures; Also Seal heat-activated Pouch Boards and laminating pouches in gloss or matte finish.

Nu Sign Supply
Nuflex line of 4-mil pressure-sensitive or cold laminating film offered in matte or glossy.

Océ North America
TSLA10 (10 mil) and TSLA65 (6.5 mil) pressure-sensitive laminate films with a clear, matte-textured surface.

Optima International
Liquid laminates include Optima Millennium XE/Giclee Elixir, Medallion XE, Maxim XE, Marquee XE, and Aqua Max II.

Oraguard 200 Series laminates include PVC, Anti-Graffiti, Skid-Resistant, Premium Cast, Optically Clear Cast, and Ultra Flexible Cast films. Finishes include: gloss, semi-gloss, matte, high-gloss, and textured.

Pacific Studio Supplies
Laminate films in a variety of textures, finishes, and thicknesses.

ProGuard UV plasticized PVC laminates (gloss, satin, luster, matte); Sentinel Low-Temp laminates (gloss, satin, matte); Low-Temp Display Luster, Dry Erase Gloss, and Hard Coat Luster.

Premier Imaging Products
Liquid coatings include lacquer-based Print Shield for paper, water-based Eco Print Shield for canvas (in gloss, satin, matte), and Eco Elegance water-based gel for fine art and photography.

Protect-all Inc.
Protect-all clear laminate films in polyester, polypropylene, and nylon; Taffeta and Deep Silk textured films.

SS Velvet and Safari Finish vinyl laminates.

Quality Media & Laminating Solutions
Instashield and Exhibitshield pressure-sensitive laminating films; Hard Guard and Digi Guard thermal laminating films; and Dura Guard heat-set laminating films.

R Tape
Eclypse series PVC, polycarbonate, and polyester overlaminate films available in various finishes and textures. Eclypse Patterned overlaminate films are available in linen, frost, diamond plate, carbon fiber, and glitter.

Remington Laminations
RemiGuard low-temp, heat-activated film in luster or satin; RemiGloss, RemiSatin, RemiLustre, RemiWhite, RemiMatte, and RemiTex thermal laminating films; RemiCrystal, RemiChrome, RemiFrost, RemiClear, RemiGlossy, and RemiLustre pressure-sensitive, cold laminates.

Vinyl, polyester, polypropylene, and polycarbonate overlaminates in various finishes (gloss, luster, matte, scuff-resistant, gloss velvet). Also: clear, scuff-resistant Floor Talkers for floor applications, and more.

Roland DGA
PGM line of pressure-sensitive overlaminates in optically-clear, gloss, luster, and matte finishes for various applications.

Royal Sovereign International
Royalam I and II and Lomel thermal laminates; Royal Clear Mount, White Mount, and PrintPro UV pressure-sensitive laminates; and Royal Foto-Flex Sand heat-activated laminates.

DreamScape DreamGuard Protex3 liquid topcoat is available in gloss, matte, and satin finishes; compatible with solvent, mild-solvent, and UV-curable prints.

Sign Warehouse
PrismJet 200 series anti-skid overlaminate films.

3M Commercial Graphics
Offers an array of overlaminate films, including 3M overlaminates (interior matte, polyester, transparent velvet polycarbonate), Scotchcal overlaminates (gloss, high gloss, luster, matte, ultra matte, clear), and Scotchgard Graphic and Surface Protection film in high-gloss and for textured surfaces. Also offers 3M Piezo Ink Jet Protective Clear liquid coating.

DigiKote series of low-temp laminates includes Display Lustre, Display WO (white opaque), Gloss/Satin, HC (hard coat) Lustre, and Matte; Trans-Kote polyester, polypropylene, and nylon thermal films. Acquired Quest Films in 2010.

Universal Products
Solut series cast, calendered, and polycarbonate overlaminates for vehicle, floor, P-O-P and tradeshow graphics.

Cold, roll laminates include ProTac UV pressure-sensitive, Expression, and Print Shield Xtreme UV lines. Other laminate lines include Opti Clear (available in pouch form), DigiSeal (with UVI inhibitors), and Jet Guard.

Valspar Digital
Valspar’s AquaGuard liquid laminate line includes its 80 Series in gloss or matte; 100 Series in gloss, luster, matte; and 500 Series in gloss or matte.

ProFinish dual-side, cold-laminate media and one-side laminate/one-side mounting adhesive products.



Printvinyl Scored Print Media

New Printvinyl Scored wide-format print media features an easy-to-remove scored liner for creating decals, product stickers, packaging labels, and more. The precision-scored liner, with a 1.25” spacing on a 60” roll, guarantees a seamless and hassle-free removal process.

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