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KPG's Matchprint Virtual Proofing System is SWOP-Certified

Validates the system's ability to display color-accurate proofs onscreen




Although on-screen proofing is often used during the collaboration stages by creatives, Kodak Polychrome Graphics (KPG) has developed an on-screen proofing system that makes it possible to quickly transport, view, and approve color-accurate final proofs.

KPG's Matchprint Virtual Proofing System recently became the second on-screen proofing system to achieved SWOP certification. This means that experts in Specifications for Web Offset Printing have validated that the system can provide color-accurate, on-screen previews of how final printed colors will appear in a web offset printing environment. In other words, the system delivers accurate RGB monitor viewing of CMYK color reproduction.

According to KPG product manager Nancy Matchey, SWOP-certification assures ad agencies and graphic-arts companies that monitor proofing is viable and can conform to universally recognized standards.

The Matchprint Virtual Proofing System comes with two Sony CRT monitors, a Mac G4 computer, calibration software, a kiosk to eliminate ambient lighting, a spectrophotometer, and a viewing booth for viewing hard-copy proofs. Users can set up the systems to match their choice of hard-copy proofs (e.g., a Kodak Appoval or Fuji FinalProof) and show it on screen. The system's instrumented color calibration process ensures consistent and accurate color from day to day, monitor to monitor and location to location.

During the SWOP-certification process, Matchprint Virtual Proofs were visually compared to SWOP-certified press sheets and numerically compared to detailed data in KPG's SWOP Application Data Sheet.

“Combining the Matchprint Virtual Proofing System's proven color capability with the speed and efficiency of transferring files electronically delivers on the promise and benefits of a fully digital workflow,' says Matchey. (Kodak Polychrome Graphics:




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