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Konica Minolta Introduces DiMage ScanElite 5400 II

4.2-Mpxl 35mm film scanner




The new DiMAGE ScanElite 5400 II is a 35mm film scanner from Konica Minolta. As successor to the ScanElite 5400, the ScanElite 5400 II offers a higher scanning speed, better color reproduction, 16-bit A/D conversion, Digital ICE4, Konica Minolta Pixel Polish, and Easy Scan and Batch Scan utilities.

Offering a 4.2 Mpxl resolution, the 5400-dpi 3-line CCD of the ScanElite 5400 II improves color reproduction via a new film expert algorithm, with no manual adjustments necessary. The 16-bit A/D conversion and dynamic range of 4.8 enhances the tonal variations of the image.

Its Quick Scan System allows for scanning up to 25 sec/frame at 5400 dpi and offers a High-Speed Preview to instantly display images. The ScanElite 5400 II features three driver applications: Easy Scan Utility with on-screen instructions for beginners; Batch Scan Utility for continuous scanning at user-defined resolution, exposure, and correction; and Standard Scan Utility that allows user to set and correct image details.

Konica Minolta's Pixel Polish optimizes the brightness and color of each image, including people, nightscapes, trees, and sky images. Further correcting the scanned image is made possible with the supplied Ditigal ICE4, which comprises Digital ICE (for dust and scratch removal), Digital ROC (for color restoration), Digital GEM (to reduce film graininess), and Digital SHO (for shadow and highlight optimization).

List price: $799; estimated street price: $599. (Konica Minolta:




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