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Insider Insight: Goals for 2018

Industry experts share their expectations for the new year.




We asked seven of Big Picture's Editorial Advisory Board members to respond to the current state of the wide-format industry and reveal what we should expect in 2018.

Big Picture: What are you most excited for in 2018?

Scott Crosby, VP Sales and Marketing, Holland & Crosby: 2018 will bring more maturity to the digital printing world. The pace of change in speed and quality will continue to increase. Convergence and consolidation will bring all facets of the printing world together into one space.

Kirk Green, President/CEO, Ferrari Color: Building on our success over the past several years!

Carmen Rad, Founderpreneur, CR&A Custom: To see what new innovations are going to be available.

Jared Smith, CEO, bluemedia: Our journey finds us focusing on installing controls in 2018. KPIs, real-time data publishing in monitors throughout the plants, maintaining quality and process across the country, and controlling the growth rate to ensure it is manageable are the frontline initiatives from bluemedia at this time.


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