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ICD's 3D Alignment System Reduces Cost of Lenticular Displays

Re-usable system avoids need to laminate lens to image




ICD International Inc. has come up with a system that enables graphic producers to sell attention-getting lenticular display graphics at prices comparable to standard display graphics. ICD has developed a re-usable compression unit that eliminates the need to laminate costly lenticular lenses to printed graphics in order to create the illusion of depth or motion.

Instead, the lenticular lens stays with the compression unit, which sandwiches the lens and image together by mechanical means–sort of like a thermopane window without the frame. With this approach, either the image or the lens can be changed out as needed at the site at which the lenticular image is displayed. Compression units are available in a range and shapes and sizes and can be mounted independently or sized to fit into an existing backlit display box.

Lighted vacuum table. The vacuum table swings up into a vertical position for viewing and adjustment, then is returned to the horizontal position for registering. The registered image is then put into a tube and shipped to the display site. (see image below)

A tilting vacuum light table is used to pre-register images to the lenticular lens in such a way that any image produced at the correct pitch will always be aligned correctly in any compression unit. Remote micro controls on the table enable an operator to view, adjust and perforate the images to be aligned with the lenses. Graphics producers can either buy the vacuum table (with options for creating their own compression units) or send images to ICD International for alignment.

After registration marks have been added to the images, they can shipped in tubes and easily replaced at the lenticular display site.

According to ICD International President Mike Summerlin, the changeable-image lenticular display system has been tested indoors for six months by different graphic producers. Final tests are being conducted for outdoor units, which are specially built to withstand the effects of temperature changes and exposure to sunlight.

Summerlin estimates that on advertising-display systems in which images are changed two to four times, the cost to produce the lenticular graphics is about 60% less for smaller (18 x 24 in.) images and up to 90% on the larger (4 x 5 ft.) displays. (ICD International Inc.: 800-779-7810;




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