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Creo's Veris Proofing Media

Formulated for Veris ProPack-GA inks




Creo's Veris proofing media are composed of a multilayer swellable polymer ink-receiving layer on a resin-coated photo base that prevents cockling and curling. They are specifically formulated for use with Veris ProPack-GA inks. The receiving layer handles high ink loading while fixing the ink dyes near the coating surface to achieve optimum color performance and detail. The media are made with minimal optical brighteners for minimal metamerism, so proofs don't show large shifts in apparent color under different viewing conditions. Veris proofs are individually encoded for the Creo Certified Process with an edge print on the back for easy identification.

Veris Commercial Semi-Matte 285 is a premium proofing media with high brightness, neutral tint, and a gloss level to match commercial papers and conventional proofing bases. It's comparable to thick analog commercial contract proofing bases.

Veris Pro Semi-Matte 158 is a smooth semi-matte proofing media that has a slight blue tint with opacity and rigidity similar to printing papers. It provides color stability and a wide color gamut with an appearance similar to bright white coated printing stock.

Veris Pro Publication Semi-Matte 285 premium proofing media has a slight yellow tint and a gloss level that matches publication papers and also conventional proofing standard stock. The media provides excellent color stability and a wide color gamut. Compare it to a 10-mil thick analog publication contract proofing bases.

Veris Pro Glossy 155 is a high-gloss proofing media with a slight blue tint. It has high opacity as well as high rigidity and is very similar to printing papers. It provides color stability and wide color gamut and is comparable to bright white, high-gloss coated printing stocks. (Creo:




Interior Décor and Textile Printing: What Equipment Do You Need?

The First Installment of the new Interior Décor and Textiles Webinar Series, Bridging the Gap Between Commercial Peel-and-Stick Wall Graphics & Professional Home Décor, focuses on the technology used for these applications. Our expert panel of speakers cover topics such as what equipment to purchase, what to look for when purchasing, and the various applications you can offer with the equipment you currently have. Watch the first episode, sponsored by TVF, above.

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