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CHILI Publish to Showcase Great Strides Made in 2015, at Graph Expo




CHILI Publish has knocked every ball out of the park in 2015, and so it will likely bring good things to the Windy City when the Chicago Cubs take on the Philadelphia Phillies during Graph Expo at McCormick Place, Chicago, September 13-16. The CHILI Publish booth – where homers are assured of coming in for 3 days running – is #441.

On the list to be shown at CHILI Publish booth 441:
• a Pageflex to CHILI Publisher Connector developed by a renowned, independent web-to-print developer; giving Pageflex Storefront users unique and comprehensive CHILI Publish editing, as well as 3D and animated folding job visualization.
Continuous improvements:
• More HTML5 support options, now including an HTML 3D viewer[1].
• Copyfitting across multiple frames[2], which is critical in packaging, and also important in magazines and commercial print.
Special to Graph Expo:
• CHILI Publisher executives will participate in panels being held at the Printerverse Theater on the show floor (see below).
• CHILI Publish invites Graph Expo attendees to join a special happy hour celebration at the booth one hour prior to show close, each day of the show. Here, attendees can enjoy a “Spicy” beer, and see solutions “in action”.
The Pageflex to CHILI Publisher Connector
CHILI Publisher, renowned for its easy, open API, is integrated with web-to-print and other workflows using Connectors. When a Pageflex Storefront site utilizes the Pageflex to CHILI Publisher Connector, users can avail themselves of CHILI Publisher's unmatched online editing and 3D/animated folding visualization.

CHILI Publisher offers over 150 editing, layout, and design tools to allow end-users to edit documents online, within constraints setup by the store administrator. Documents can be created from scratch, or can be imported from Adobe Illustrator® or Adobe InDesign®. The umbrella CHILI Publisher application is comprised of four components: CHILI Editor, CHILI Backoffice, CHILI API and the CHILI® InDesign® plugin.
CHILI Publisher also provides users with the ability to view edits, folding, and even personalized objects, in 3D. Administrators can give users varying degrees of access, depending on their skills and permission level. All job sizes and formats, from single pages through multi-page documents and snippets of articles; up-to to the most complex, odd-sized, folded die cuts and packaging items, are accepted. Users can also create documents in CHILI Publisher. All of these functions are performed while users remain in the Pageflex Storefront environment.

The Pageflex to CHILI Publisher Connector Developer
Chris Reisz-Hanson, Founder of Dovenote Software and a Solutions Architect and Consulting CTO, says that his perspective on the segment is “as wide and deep as you can get.” Reisz-Hanson has gained invaluable experience developing web-to-print software, integrations, and extensions for more than 175 companies – both suppliers and end users — over the past 17 years.

Soon after XMPie and CHILI Publish announced a Connector for the corresponding XMPie-CHILI Publisher configuration, Reisz-Hanson – who at one time served as a principal software engineer for Pageflex[3] — took a closer look at the online editing and visualization solution from CHILI Publish.

“Pageflex Storefront is a great solution for business-to-business, web-to-print workflows. CHILI Publisher is an amazing online editor,” Reisz-Hanson says. “Putting them together provides a great advantage to existing and new customers of either software.


“You get exponential value from excellent solutions when you combine them. Kind of like chocolate and peanut butter,” he laughs.

Before long, Reisz-Hanson's Dovenote Software developed the Pageflex to CHILI Publisher Connector that would allow users of the Pageflex Storefront to edit CHILI Publisher documents.

When CHILI Publisher is integrated with the Pageflex Storefront, it adds the power of an online editor to Storefront end-users. This gives end-users the ability to edit documents before adding them to the order basket, resulting in custom versions of the documents, such as basic collateral.

For more information on the Pageflex to CHILI Publisher Connector, including how to purchase, go to:

Anyone Can Integrate CHILI Publisher, but Some Pageflex Sites Want It Faster
Pageflex customers are fortunate to have had Dovenote Software facilitate the integration process.

CHILI Publish CEO Kevin Goeminne says, “Since CHILI Publisher is made to be integrated, our customers can integrate it with any system or workflow themselves.


“However, many developers are helping out by making plugins or Connectors to facilitate the integration process,” Goeminne continues. “This saves many hours of custom development, and gets customers up-and-running on what are frequently several powerful systems, all at the same time.”

CHILI Publisher Offers HTML5 Options
Support for HTML5 means that CHILI Publisher is future-proof, and nothing being developed for online interaction or display will be out of reach for CHILI Publisher users. CHILI Publisher offers the awarded CHILI Editor in HTML5 technology to permit branding, customization, and personalization of collateral. Since HTML5 is a more open architecture, users can build their own applications based on the CHILI Editor HTML5 edition foundation.

The CHILI Editor HTML5 edition option allows web developers to push perceived limits even further. Web developers can choose to use the pre-built workspaces in the CHILI Editor, but with HTML5, they can also build their own respective workspace and interface around the CHILI Editor, just as they are used to in the Flash version.

HTML5 3D Viewer
One of the major developments in this version, to be demonstrated at Graph Expo, is the new HTML5 3D Viewer. This advancement will allow users with an HTML5 interface (including tablet devices) to preview edited documents (e.g., labels, design, packaging) in 3D.

CHILI Publisher features two ways of presenting 3D:
1. Animated 3D job folding simulates how any job will fold into a final product.
2. New Full 3D, enabled by CHILI Publish's continued HTML5 development, projects edited documents onto the “surface” of a loaded 3D file.
Bram Verniest, COO, CHILI Publish, says many customers already use the HTML5 interface in production, and adds the fact that CHILI Publisher is “improving with each release, in features, but also in terms of speed.

“We look forward to showing our powerful CHILI Publisher capabilities and feature-rich set of HTML5 support to Graph Expo attendees,” Verniest says. “We've publicly said that we are buying beers for anyone who isn't positively struck by this, or other features of the software… but the truth is that we'll be buying beers all around anyway, because we're pretty confident that there won't be any naysayers.


“We have an amazing engineering team.”

CHILI Publish at the Printerverse Theater
CHILI Publish executives will participate in panel sessions at the Printerverse Theater on the show floor, free for attendees, in booth 3867. Panel session/dates are as follows:

Date: Sunday, September 13
Time: 2 pm
Topic: What Have You Done For Me Lately? Adding More Value to Customers Beyond Service
This panel focuses on ways that printers can expand relationship with customers to create loyalty and partnership.

Date: Tuesday, September 15
Time: 2 pm
Topic: Incoming! Print Techs and Trends You Cannot Ignore!
This panel will talk about launched and upcoming technology, and provide thought leadership and future trends for different verticals in the industry.

Date: Wednesday, September 16
Time: 11:00 am
Topic: Digital Schmigital: Marketing Print to Millennials
This panel will focus on “The New Print Customers” – what they know, what they don't, and how to keep them excited about print in an electronic world.

Date: Wednesday, September 16
Time: 12:00 pm
Topic: Print Smart: Evaluating Tools for Saving Time and Money
This panel will focus on tips, best practices for printers to assess their workflows and processes in order to find the right solutions for their business.

Those not attending the show can view these panels live via Printerverse Theater webcast at:

CHILI Publisher Demonstration at Graph Expo
To meet with a CHILI Publish representative at Graph Expo to see all of the latest CHILI Publisher features, go to:

The next international tradeshow or conference where CHILI Publish will share major developments will be drupa, scheduled for May 31 – June 10, 2016, in Dusseldorf, Germany.
You can also visit CHILI Publish at Stand 4C65 at LabelExpo Europe on September 29 – October 2, 2015, in Brussels.

[1] Flash will remain available.
[2] For example, when setting up business cards, and one name is too long at, for instance, 12 points, CHILI Publisher will automatically reduce the copy (the name) to an appropriate point size. CHILI Publisher will then seek all matching cards and reduce “name” field point sizes to match.
[3] Reisz-Hanson was employed at Pageflex when it was part of Bitstream (the latter is no longer in operation).




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