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Chili Publish Enjoys High Attendance and Warm Welcomes at 16 Worldwide Events in Q2




CHILI Publisher is fast becoming the multichannel, online editing solution of choice throughout Europe and key regions in the East and the Americas.

“In addition to sales, evidence of CHILI Publisher's appeal includes substantial response to 16 events where myself and other team members spoke or presented the solution, all in Q2,” says CHILI Publish CEO Kevin Goeminne.

The groundbreaking CHILI Publisher technology, which in addition to editing supports creation and 360°, 3D folding simulation and visualization of jobs; plugs into any system or workflow. CHILI Publisher is in use at high-profile companies including Suttle Straus, Integer Group and Syngenta, as well as integrated with packaging and Web-to-Print solutions such as Esko WebCenter and XMPie.

Last week's Co-Reach event in Nürnberg, Germany, marked the 16th event at the close of Q2.

Events in Q3 will culminate with two of the biggest shows of 2015:
• September 13, 2015: Graph Expo (Chicago)
• September 29, 2015: Label Expo (Brussels)
CHILI Publish has presented and/or demonstrated its collaborative, online technology at:
• eMarketing Paris; Paris, France
• Dalim US DUO; New Orleans, USA
• Dalim IOI EuroDUO; London, UK
• Enfocus Virtual Safari
• Henry Stewart; NY, USA
• PODi AppForum; Las Vegas, USA
• Printex; Sydney, Australia
• Interactions; Bordeaux, France
• FESPA; Cologne, Germany
• XUG; Berlin, Germany
• Enfocus Switch User Event; Waalwijk, Netherlands
• Dscoop EMEA; Dublin, Ireland
• Graphitec; Paris, France
• Esko World; Scottsdale, USA
• Obility Event; Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany, and
• Co-Reach 2015; Nürnberg, Germany
For details on where CHILI Publish will be in the coming months, visit:

“CHILI Publisher is in high demand around the world, and we could not be more pleased,” says Bram Verniest, COO, CHILI Publish. “Increasing numbers of designers and production professionals, from novices through experts, have adopted CHILI Publisher for use in any number of applications.


“Web-to-Print and packaging are two of the most popular segments,” Verniest explains. “CHILI Publisher lends itself to easy collaboration and customer or user interaction via the web; thus the high level of interest coming from the Web-to-Print space.” He cites the company's partnership with XMPie as an example of CHILI Publisher's fitness for the Web-to-Print application segment.

For brand owners, agencies, designers, premedia, and production professionals building multichannel campaigns that include the high-stakes packaging sector, CHILI Publisher allows all stakeholders rapid access, creation and editing. The easy interface and 360°, 3D folding simulation and visualization give everyone in the approval chain the opportunity to view different versions, or to “try out” changes, at their convenience and via any browser.

“Templates or documents are managed using customers' own resources, in tandem with the unique features of CHILI Publisher, meaning that no complex development is needed on the part of the customer,” Verniest concludes.

Goeminne and Verniest, two of the three company co-founders[1], agree that word-of-mouth is one of the powerful driving forces behind the strong showings at CHILI Publish-related presentations and exhibits.

“We are fortunate to have a 'good' problem in the almost limitless ways CHILI Publisher can be utilized by a range of multichannel production stakeholders,” Verniest says. “The other side of that customer advantage is the challenge in showing potential customers how they can use it, because we can go on forever with possibilities.

“The “aha” moment occurs for everyone, though, at some point. It could be five minutes in, and it could be 40. But it's there, and then they inevitably say, 'Now I get it!”


[1] The third co-founder is CTO Joeri Paeleman.



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