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X-Rite's Pulse ColorElite and DTP45

Color-management tools for spot-color measurement




X-Rite's Pulse ColorElite System is a portable hand-held spectrophotometer that enables users to scan for color in either direction at a comfortable speed. It can be either tethered to a computer via USB cable or untethered for remote scanning or patch reading. Pulse's onboard memory can store up to 3000 color patches and has enough battery life for 10 color profiles when used remotely.

Pulse is powered by profiling software that walks the operator through the profiling process. Its editing options include curve adjustments and a gamut view for color analysis. The hand scanner features one-touch activation. A Pathfinder guide protects the media being scanned by elevating the scanner above the paper. The Pathfinder alignment guide, calibration plaque, spot reader, and scanning-speed strip are built in, so there are no parts to lose. Spot measurement is performed using a light ring to color-match the target; when in stand-by mode the light ring will pulse, indicating battery recharge. After use, each component can be stored in the included desktop storage unit.

X-Rite has also recently introduced the DTP45 spectrophotometer in conjunction with Agfa. The DPT45 is automated to calculate spot-color measurements along with calibrating and profiling for color quality control to meet press specifications. Available as of September '04, at a price of $2695. (X-Rite:



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