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We're Changing The Graphic Arts Conversation




CHILI Publish and Enfocus, located in adjacent booths at Graph Expo, are helping companies all over the world do things they've never done before.

These service providers, printers, agencies, brand owners, and publishers are not just going faster, collaborating worldwide, moving smart jobs that – on their own — communicate with other departments and customers, and gaining significant efficiencies. The people who work at these companies are enjoying themselves because web-based collaboration and real time job access for everyone brings the team – brand owners, designers, agencies, premedia/production people, and their customers — together.

The job is no longer a problem.

The conversation moves away from compromise, sacrifice, higher costs and less profit; to enthusiasm, creativity, and a happy group dynamic.

Relationships will become better entrenched.

Meanwhile, brilliant (and possibly bored) talent in premedia and production will have time and motivation to invent new applications and automated flows using Enfocus Switch and/or CHILI Publisher, both of which are truly open and connectible to – well, anything.


Production owners, managers, bosses, sales directors – can then offer customers even more for-profit and value-add offerings, making more money and happiness for everyone.

After talking to a few of you, CHILI is going to take a different approach to the way the company shows you CHILI Publisher. You've told us that CHILI Publisher's long list of abilities makes it difficult for you to get your arms around it … especially during a show.

So come take the CHILI Challenge, and tell us afterwards if Kevin, Cindy, or another warm CHILI staffer doesn't startle and amaze you. If they don't, they are going to buy you a beer, right then and there. And if they do, they'll give you a beer anyway.

If you can name all of Enfocus' products AND name 5 out of the many companies that utilize Enfocus' PitStop Library or have products that integrate with Enfocus Switch automation, we'll give you one of CHILI's hand-crafted, “Spicy” beers.

So…are you up for THE CHALLENGES?

If so, email: [email protected] to sign up!




Printvinyl Scored Print Media

New Printvinyl Scored wide-format print media features an easy-to-remove scored liner for creating decals, product stickers, packaging labels, and more. The precision-scored liner, with a 1.25” spacing on a 60” roll, guarantees a seamless and hassle-free removal process.

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