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Want to Turn Clients into Customers for Life? Give Them Transparency and Honesty

It pays – literally – to be upfront on your process and pricing.




MY GOAL, EVER SINCE we started our wrap company in 2004, has always been to have effective communication with our clients. I find it incredibly important to educate them on our process, which helps set their expectations. I spend a significant amount of time educating the client on material selection, what a high-quality install should look like, and the effectiveness of a good wrap design. Some of our clients appreciate the information, while some only care about pricing or how fast they can have their project completed. I’m a people person and enjoy creating new relationships with our clients who hopefully turn into customers for life, which is what we’re all after. In the past two years (especially during this pandemic that we’re almost out of), I’ve been able to fully understand the power of transparency. Spending the extra time to be unreserved takes more energy and effort, but the benefits have been very rewarding and profitable.

Regardless of what line of business you’re in, transparency builds trust every time. When our clients are educated on the process of our business – how things are designed, printed, installed, and the durability of each product is explained – they automatically trust us and the process. This is very important because it shows we have nothing to hide. If anything, it raises the bar on what your own expectations are and what your client expects from the final product or wrap. I realize it’s an old saying, but I want to treat others how I would like to be treated. Gaining trust from friends or business clients can be tough, but it comes across so much easier when it feels natural – and being transparent is the most natural way to convey any message you want to send. Keep in mind your transparency will build trust that they may not have received from your competitor who is 20 percent cheaper than you. People who respect and appreciate transparency will spend money with you instead of the cheaper competition down the road.

Transparency also creates better relationships. This is key in building a solid customer base that not only likes your work but respects you as a person and a business. These are intangible components of a great relationship. This also helps your clients be transparent with you. It’s very refreshing when your clients can openly notify you of the real deadline or what their budget really is. If you stay transparent from the very first interaction sometimes it will force them to be transparent with you, making your relationship even better and stronger.

Being transparent may be common sense to most people, but, depending on your personality, it may also be very difficult. Just know that being upfront and honest, while explaining your entire process and being frank on your pricing will pay off 10 times over. The most gratifying part of my job is creating relationships with our clients. It allows me to learn more, build trust, and be better. Don’t be afraid to give more details so you can receive more clients.



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