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Wallcoverings Association Annual Meeting Recap

Digital print for wallcoverings continues to grow.



Adrienne Palmer, Big Picture's Editor-in-Chief landed in sunny(ish) Clearwater Beach, Florida, for the Wallcoverings Association Annual Meeting held January 25-28. This was her sixth meeting, and acceptance of digital print in the wallcoverings industry has grown dramatically since her first trip to the Sunshine State.

Attendees and session speakers discussed the pros and cons of vinyl use, employment rates in the US, and how digital is disrupting the business of design.

Key Takeaways:

  • “There are more job openings than job seekers in the US,” said Lauren Saidel-Baker, economist, ITR Economics. She said quitters are part of the problem; people are more likely to quit their job for better benefits or a slight raise versus loyalty or stability. Find ways to retain A-players to avoid spending more money on a new hire. 
  • “I can bully my way into winning a negotiation, but the other person is not going to want to work with me again,” said Jason Cammorata, VP strategic sourcing, MDC Partners. He explained how good procurement fuels your business, builds partnerships, and creates opportunity.
  • “Two in five consumers are belief-driven buyers,” said Pamela McNally, EVP of digital media and CRO, Interior Design magazine. She asked the crowd: What does this mean for your business? Are you sharing your shop’s core values? What steps are you taking toward sustainability? “In 2020, this matters,” she said.



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Women in Wraps Panel Session hosted by Big Picture Editor-in-Chief, Adrienne Palmer during ISA's Virtual Wrap Experience.

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