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Velotex is First US Sublimation-Badged Printer

Direct-to-textile printer offers resolutions from 540 to 1440 dpi.




US Sublimation, a division of PrintVillage, introduced its first wide-format printer:the Velotex direct-to-textile inkjet printer. Using dye-sublimation or aqueous textile-pigment inks, the 64-in. Velotex is a complete direct-fabric printing system: It prints the fabric then sets it with its on-board curing system. The printer allows for continuous unattended printing of textiles, eliminating the need for transfer paper or the need for a separate post-print treatment of the fabric with a heat press or steamer.

Like the Mimaki JV5-160 which it is based on, the Velotex offers four extra-large printheads with 1440 nozzles in a staggered-head configuration, producing variable-drop sizes. It features print resolutions from 540 to 1440 dpi, as well as bi- and uni-directional printing.

Its proprietary fabric-stabilization and feeding system features synchronized cylinders to control media feeding and prevent stretching and twisting. In addition, the printer’s built-in heat-fixation module sublimates or cures the ink on the fabric (based on the ink used) as it exits the printer unit. Both treated and untreated fabrics can be printed directly.

Accommodating 4- or 6-color inksets, the Velotex is capable of four-color production speeds up to 581 sq ft/hr at four-passes at 540 x 720 dpi, and 259 sq ft/hr for 720 x 1440 dpi at eight passes. Six-color speeds top out at 301 sq ft/hr for eight passes at 540 x 720 dpi, and 139 sq ft/hr for 16 passes at 720 x 1440 dpi.

The Velotex printer is available in DS and DP versions. The DS version uses US Sublimation’s LFP dye-sublimation inks for polyester and PES-type materials. The DP version utilizes aqueous textile pigments, developed in collaboration with Sensient Technologies, for direct printing on cotton and linen, but can be used on other materials, including viscose, silk, and poly blends. DS inks come in a variety of colors, including CMYK, ultra black, navy blue, orange, cmk, light light K; DP inks are available in CMYK, blue, green, golden yellow.

The printer offers 16 500-ml ink tanks for a total capacity of 2 l/color in 4-color mode or 1 l/color in 6- or 8-color mode and an auto chip-reset system. The integrated ink pit allows mesh fabrics to be printed by “catching” extra ink that filters through the fabric.


In addition, the print system includes an Island Clean Air Fume Buster unit to remove smoke and vapor generated by dye-sub process, a fabric take-up reel, media cutting, automatic nozzle drop-out detections, and auto head cleaning to eliminate banding issues. Also standard is the Wasatch SoftRIP Velotex edition.

The Velotex DS and DP 6400 retail for $89,000 each.




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