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Stamp Out Dull-Looking Letters with Personalized Stamps

Available online through Dutch mail company




If you're seeking a fresh way to add zing to your family's
annual holiday brag letter, consider having a favorite photo
immortalized on a stamp. That way, the friends and relatives who receive
your greeting card can get an instant preview of one of the vacations,
dance recitals, soccer victories, and academic achievements detailed in
the letter. Or, if you're writing to an acquaintance you haven't
seen in awhile, you could attach a stamp with a photo of yourself to the
envelope. Hey, remember me? Or how about using personalized stamps when
sending out resumes? or sales letters? The possibilities are endless.

Through an e-commerce site set up by the Dutch mail company Royal RPG
Post, you can order sheets of stamps personalized with a family photo, a
child's drawing, or other image of your choice.

After a PDF is created for incoming orders, the file goes into
automated print production using DALiM TwiST automated prepress workflow
technology. The software extracts the relevant parts of the PDF and
assembles them into two print jobs: printing the stamps, and a
personalized letter with name, address, and details of the order, such
as quantities of sheets ordered.

The personal stamps cost ?12.95 for a sheet of ten stamps and then
?5.95 thereafter. Customers in The Netherlands will appreciate the fact
that the stamps come with a “legal” stamp adjacent so that they
can be used to mail a letter.

Dalim Software offers high-end software solutions designed to
facilitate and automate the entire processing of files prior to
printing. (Royal TG Post:; Dalim Software:




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