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Senfa Alternative Fabrics Collection Provides Eco-Friendly Recycled Textile Solution at FESPA 2019




FESPA Berlin, 14-17 May 2019. Hall B6, Booth D20: SENFA will be highlighting its eco-friendly product design strategy to provide sustainable media at FESPA 2019. Printable media has traditionally used large amounts of raw materials and is still used heavily by advertisers and other brand communicators. This generates unacceptable consumption of non-renewable resources and is driving many companies to demand more environmentally neutral solutions for printed signage and other display applications. SENFA has further enhanced its ability to meet this demand by adding new products to its range that are manufactured using 100% recycled polyester textile materials.

As part of its Alternative Collection of recycled printable fabrics, SENFA is launching ALTIMIS at FESPA. ALTIMIS is an easy-to-install, printable textile product, which offers a greener alternative to PVC substrates and meets the environmental demands of international brands and advertisers.
The product has been developed to deliver the same exacting standards for which SENFA is renown while using fewer non-renewable resources. ALTIMIS fabric is woven using 100% recycled fibers and then coated with SENFA's trademark smooth finish, ensuring stunning backlit graphics with all the necessary fire-retardancy certification.

ALTIMIS is ideally suited for lightbox applications, providing an easy to install solution for vibrant, eye-catching colour displays.  In addition to UV printing, the product can also be printed on using a sublimation transfer process and heat press for excellent results.
Also on display on SENFA's booth is the company's award-winning ALTERRA product. The 2017 SGIA Product of the Year offers a greener alternative to PVC substrates, while still meeting the exacting demands of international brands and advertisers.

100% of the Alternative Collection products is recycled from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles. According to a study conducted by Plastic Europe, 1 tonne of PET recycled from plastic bottles equates to a saving of 2.29 tonnes of CO2. Recycling saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Every square metre of SENFA's eco-friendly fabric products integrates two bottles' worth of recycled plastic. For example, the clothes brand ALLSAINTS in the UK has decided to switch to recycled polyester fabrics for their 20 stores as part of their global strategy. This means that each for graphic they use they will have recycled 426 plastics bottles.

To educate visitors at FESPA 2019, SENFA will be invited to recycle their plastic bottles on their stand. The ALT'Collector will encourage people to recycle their plastic, while highlighting the benefits that can be achieved when they do and show that everyone can act. Everyone who recycles a plastic bottle at the ALT'Collector have a chance to win a special prize. Come on our booth to recycle your plastic bottle.
SENFA Launches Multiple New Products at FESPA 2019

FESPA Berlin, 14-17 May 2019. Hall B6, Booth D20: SENFA, a leading global provider of high quality, digitally-printable fabrics for visual communication and bespoke interior applications, has announced the launch of several new products at FESPA 2019. The new products demonstrate SENFA's growing reputation for delivering high quality textile media products for a broad range of applications.
SUBLIMIS® is a versatile media for transfer and direct sublimation printing for water-based and UV-curable ink. Launched in 2018, this innovative product range creates new opportunities for print businesses that use dye sublimation technology and also UV technology for backlit graphics applications. SUBLIMIS® is an extremely lightweight product, making it easy to transport and install for backlit applications, while enabling great quality high definition printing.


Blaise Humphries, sales director or SENFA, comments: “Previously, sublimation printing onto coated media for backlit applications led to problems due to a phenomenon known as ink migration whereby, after printing, the ink tended to migrate to areas on the substrate where it shouldn't – causing disastrous results. With SUBLIMIS®, ink migration is a thing of the past and printers using sublimation technology can now aspire to hitting the very best possible white point and delivering the punchy colours that only coated media can provide.”  The product was recently awarded the SGIA Product of the Year 2018 in the media/textile/framing system category in LAS VEGAS.”
He continues, “Even as a coated media, SUBLIMIS® is more lightweight than many of the uncoated textiles typically used for backlit applications, meaning it's cheaper to transport and easier to install. The light diffusion is also excellent thanks to Sublimis' unique formula.”
Following new partnership arrangements, visitors to FESPA can see Sublimis in action. The products will be running on both the HP and Monti Antonio booth, demonstrating the products' capabilities and excellent print results.
SENFA, will also promote THEATER BLACK BACK (205g/m²). This material delivers excellent image quality and provides total blockout of all light from behind thanks to it solid black back. It can be printed on the textile side with UV-curable ink and direct sublimation to enable striking visual communications and is ideal for banner and frame systems as well as short-term outdoor events. Theater Black Back is another lightweight product, which is easy to install and is a good alternative to PVC substrates with fire certification M1 / B1. At FESPA 2019, SENFA is announcing the availability of this product in widths up to 5.10m.

Acoustic Solution for Interior Decoration

Further exciting new products being presented at FESPA 2019 by SENFA are the ECHOSIDE 60 textile. These multi-sensory interior textile substrates are designed to create a unique atmosphere for decorated spaces. ECHOSIDE 60 acoustic solutions are capable of absorbing sound reverberation in a room, which has a huge positive impact on people's comfort and sensory experience. Thanks to its acoustic coating, the fabric absorbs sound reverberations, and in particular, reverberation from speech and can positively transform the experience of being in busy spaces, such as offices, restaurants, meeting rooms and more. 

In addition to its acoustic properties, ECHOSIDE 60 can be digitally printed with UV-curable and Latex inks, without affecting its noise reduction properties. By using it as a wall hanging, you can transform a wall into a communication medium or a customised design element. Thus, this product optimally meets the technical and aesthetic requirements for public and private spaces. This product is certified M1 / B1 / Bs1d0 and A+.

The product was just certified by HP on the HP latex 1500 for interior wall decoration. Visit our booth to discover the print results on UV and latex and discuss the broad range of applications possibilities.
All SENFA products are made in France and meet the very highest standards for fire certification. The company is rapidly establishing an increased worldwide presence.
to learn more about our wide range of high quality, digitally-printable fabrics for visual communication and bespoke interior applications
Based in Alsace, France, SENFA is the Technical Textiles division of the Chargeurs Group with an annual turnover of €24,4M in 2017. From its manufacturing plant in eastern France, SENFA distributes its ever-expanding range of solutions, which includes a wide range of specially coated fabrics made from synthetic for interior architecture. For more information, please visit:
Chargeurs, is a global manufacturing and services group with leading positions in four segments: temporary surface protection, garment interlinings, technical substrates and combed wool.
It has over 2,000 employees based in 45 countries on 5 continents, who serve a diversified customer base spanning more than 90 countries.
In 2018, revenue totaled €573.3 million, of which more than 90% was generated outside France. For more information on Chargeurs Group, please visit:





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