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Scanvec Amiable Now Offers Lenticular-Imaging Software

FotoMotion and Impatico add motion and depths to images




Scanvec Amiable has released two software packages to make it easier to design and produce lenticular graphics. Lenticular graphics combine finely grooved lenses with specially prepared images to give graphics the illusion of depth or movement.

IMPACTIO is a specialized type of lenticular software designed to give digital images a true sense of depth. It takes a minimum of 35 interlaced still-life shots and analyzes them with complicated calculations to create a 3D stereoscopic image. The files are then saved and shared to FotoMotion for final output on whatever device is being used to produce the final output.

FotoMOTION produces lenticular motion effects such as Flip, Zoom, Animation, and 3D images and offers control in text and logo addition to specific or multiple layers. It is a special add-on option to the FlexiSIGN-PRO 7 and PhotoPRINT DX 3 software used by signmakers.

FotoMotion is being used as part of the DCS 12-24 turnkey printer that direct prints to lenticular lens material, skipping the transfer, line-up, and laminating processes that can make lenticular imaging so tedious. (Scanvec Amiable:



Printvinyl Scored Print Media

New Printvinyl Scored wide-format print media features an easy-to-remove scored liner for creating decals, product stickers, packaging labels, and more. The precision-scored liner, with a 1.25” spacing on a 60” roll, guarantees a seamless and hassle-free removal process.

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