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Recyclable Rigid Media from Xanita

For UV-curable or solvent inks.




Xanita, based in South Africa, has introduced two rigid media-X-Board and Mondi Xtreme-that are produced from 92% recycled materials, and are 100% recyclable. Designed for fabricating P-O-P and retail displays, exhibit booths, promotional furniture, and temporary shelving, these substrates are directly printable using UV-curable and/or solvent inks.

The 100%-recyclable X-Board is composed of a bleached printable liner and inner closed-cell honeycomb kraft core. Offering an indoor life expectancy of 3 yr, X-Board is available in thicknesses from 8 to 120 mm and in sheet sizes up to 48 in. wide and up to 118 in. long. X-Board density ranges from 1900 gsm for 10-mm thick product to 2400 gsm for 16-mm thick board. Flame-resistant options are available.

X-Board also features a high strength-to-weight ratio with a 90 ton/sq m core crush-resistance-making it a good choice for retail display and temporary furniture/shelving. Once printed, X-Board can be cut or shaped with hand-held knives, mitered using a circular saw, or cut via CAD-CAM systems. Xanita offers a range of edge banding and colors that can be applied to the board edges.

Mondi Xtreme (MX), Xanita's flexible fiber board, is made from recycled paper waste, and is a re-pulpable and biodegradable material. MX comprises an inner kraft-based board with a bleached printable white paper liner. Compatible with UV-curable inks, MX is 1.44-mm thick and weighs in at 1100 gsm. Typical applications include indoor/outdoor framed wall graphics, bus/train interior images, event signage, and short-term fence-mounted banners. It offers good water and moisture resistance for long-term indoor and short to medium-term (up to 4 months) outdoor applications. Stock sheet sizes include 62 x 83 and 30 x 40 in.





Printvinyl Scored Print Media

New Printvinyl Scored wide-format print media features an easy-to-remove scored liner for creating decals, product stickers, packaging labels, and more. The precision-scored liner, with a 1.25” spacing on a 60” roll, guarantees a seamless and hassle-free removal process.

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